When you glue toe/finger nail clippings to the tip of one's penis to make it resemble a shovel. After this is done, proceed to anal sex with your partner and attempt to "shovel" out nuggets of poop.
Christine has been saving a lot of money on toilet paper even since Robby starting shoveling her.

My prostate exam felt like I was getting shoveled.
by Terry Taint May 9, 2012
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to purposely try and have sex with women that are so ugly their face looks like it was beat with a shovel. This is done usually because shovels are easier than normal girls and have better bodies than fat girls.
john : "hey dude that girl you got with last night was straight wounded!"

paul : "every day im shoveling!"
by Shovel King July 27, 2011
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"so me and Ace were shoveling so hard last night"
by RiaKitti April 4, 2013
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A girl who takes the semen left on her belly and places it inside her vagina with the intent to become impregnated
Mike: Dude I heard you got Sheila pregnant
Dale: I busted on her belly though
Mike: She must be a shoveler
Dale: Damn, you're right...I'm gonna be a dad
by Shovelove July 1, 2015
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to beat into submission with a common, gardening shovel
Dude, I didn't know it was your sister
Get off my lawn before I shovelate you
He means it! He's got a shovel!
by Rand December 28, 2004
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a verb to be shoveled,to shovel
damn girl, you need to get shoveled!
by kali, motha bitch August 2, 2008
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