To acknowledge that someone had said something.
Marge: Let's go to Subway for lunch.

Abraham: Heard you, Marge.
by Collegeathlete May 19, 2017
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A phrase often used by the popular youtuber nickinthecutt when describing a situation that he understands
Nick “Is it a lot of pressure having a big influence on tiktok?”
Jared “Yeah, but this is what I’ve dreamed of”
Nick “Heard you cousin
by shspsjdbrb July 23, 2023
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when a challenging situation is presented, the phrase is used to provoke a person to attempt the challenge. Also used to taunt or encourage to fail.

Origin: Said when opposing team shoots a 3 point shot at high school basketball games.
person 1: What if i shot a firework at my moms car?

person 2: Dude, heard you wouldn't

(Can also be used in different cases such as: heard you couldn't, heard he wouldn't, etc...)
by Mer-Sal Pals January 4, 2013
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This means that somebody was too loud during sex the night before.

'Microwave' refers to the coitus that was had.
Justine: Good morning, guys! How did you sleep?
Carla: Not very well.
Justine: why?
Carla: I heard you using the microwave last night..
Justine: Oh dear..

'You're just jealous because you heard HER using the microwave but you can't handle that heat!'
by #THE_QUEEN November 17, 2016
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A subsitute for 'y'know, often heard in jails or prison uttered by uneducated inmates during conversation between cells. Can be used to validate the statement by the user, or to clarify that the statement was heard by its intended recipient, often a fellow illiterate. Used by middle class white kids to sound hip but usually comes off sounding extremely pathetic and requiring a beat down.
Inmate Rashid: Yo M-Tee, I boofed an eight ball on my visit with my girl, you heard?
Imate M-Tee: C'mon man, stop playin'..word?
Inmate Rashid: Word, I'm ready to bust one out, you heard?
Inmate M-Tee: Word son, I gotch you.
by WhiteDevil009 November 27, 2009
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