10 definitions by Rand

When someone worked in a job for ages and is in a powerful postion ish and is a moron
My Boss Mr Reid has got M.A.N.S badly the fuck wit
by Rand January 12, 2004
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A male marm. Name derived from frontal baby pouch called a snuggy worn by men.
Man, check out the teddy bear stickers that guy has on his mini van - he is such a fucking snuggy!
by Rand December 4, 2004
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When someone is ethnically Pakistani, and as such commits a praiseworthy act. Or is by nature praiseworthy.
You're so pakilicious
by Rand May 28, 2020
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To be of Rand ethics and live the way and lifestyle of a gansta
To be Rand and Gangsta = Randsta
by Rand January 12, 2004
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Completely foolish and stupid.
The war in Iraq is asinine.
by Rand July 10, 2003
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