"Angel get outta here!"
"No! Why?"
"You're shooking up the place"
"I'm shook"
by jhygtrfdxcv March 8, 2017
Like shook but more
Omg u got me in the shookness
by BRIZZY 313 December 27, 2017
kinda several meanings in different contexts, u cant really pintpoint it...
1) like kinda shocked/surprized
2) scared
3) embarassed
1) yoo i got fuckin shook when that girl called...i thought she hated me cuz of last night
2) I got so shook when i turned around and this guy popped up behind me...i thought i was alone
3) (some noises come from outside)
Teacher: Ya just answer your phone...and shut it off
Student: Uhm...That was a passing car
by Ram10 April 24, 2007
The feeling when you saw or heard something that makes you feel excited or you feel blessed about it, usually used in unexpected situations.
Similar to snatched
"Katy's new video got me shook!"
"Rachel liked my tweet I am shook! "
by theteennet January 4, 2017
taken aback and in complete awe of something. Most commonly used when someone is wearing an amazing outfit or has 'beat' their face and look really pretty and pristine. Originates from gay/drag slang and has become mainstream like other words such as 'yas', 'slay', 'beat', 'shade' etc
Ky: omg did you see Alyssa's instagram photo? ?
Gigi: yass her contour tho
Ky: i know right, I am shook
by violetchachki November 26, 2016
to get faked out in a sport by a move.
dawg, you just got shook out your shoes.
by peter bakke December 6, 2004
1. when you walk with your head down coz your scared to look.
2. a fake ass gangster who try to live in the ghetto but cant make his way round the block coz he too scared to commit crime.
3. when you are not able to survive in the harsh conditions of the ghetto and u will die coz u r not well adapted to the environment - (when natural selection is against you)
4. someone not around when the beef cooks (i.e when thurrz a gang fight or trouble involvin the exchange of slugs between rivals)
"you walkin' wit yo head down, scared to look, u shook, coz aint no such thangs az half way crooks, they neva around when the beef cooks in my parta town" prodigy in Survival of the fittest
by youngKidzbattlefield October 19, 2007