Used to take the place of 'on fleek', 'perfect', 'on point' or 'fashionable'.
Girl your outfit is snatched. Your make-up snatched huny. They just hatin cause im always snatched.
by plumcoco January 31, 2016
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a popular term in the gay community referring to good looks, fierceness, or something good.
"that wig is snatched hunny! is it real or synthetic?"
by flipandtwist2x September 12, 2011
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A term used to describe someone or something in a positive manner. Snatched means looking good and on point.
Friend: Did you see her makeup?!
You: Yes!! She’s snatched girl!!
by alt.Acro.and.cheer July 13, 2019
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Have you seen julie?

She got snatched over the summer
by Balletluv2009 August 18, 2008
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when you yank someones fake ass weave.
after that fight bonquisha had me snatched!!!
by shedank July 8, 2018
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having arched eyebrows that are obvious
Girl, your eyebrows are snatched. You must have been to the Korean lady again.
by kdak May 9, 2008
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