adjective for feeling good or having something good happen to you.

"Yo son, i just found a fat dub sack lying on the street, lets go smoke it up homes"
"Fa shure, were blessed!"
by Bagga man January 26, 2008
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As in Brian Blessed. A man who could out-boom God in the Booming Voice Olympics. Often described as 'shouty' in his acting performances, this is really an inadequate adjective. While the volume the man can produce is quite simply staggering and which regularly makes wilderbeast stampede for their lives even on another continent, volume alone is only part of his amazing talent. His shouting is at once deafeningly loud, jolly, heartwarming, deceptively articulate and imposing. An absolute pleasure to experience, even while your ears begin to shatter.

In addition he understands the aesthetic of contrast in further enhancing the magnitude of his shouting. He will very often speak at a delicate volume for several words in a row, and he is so well spoken you'd think he was a librarian at Cambridge. But then, without notice... "AH WELL, WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? HAHAHAHAHAHA.... DIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!"

In common usage today as slang for someone whose charismatic presence is felt immediately by all (example below)
person 1: omg hus dat guy hu jus came to da party?!???!"

person 2: dunno bruv, but he's bare blessed you get me!

by confused, would we? September 9, 2006
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the feeling of getting/being high from smoking ganja.

Comes from the idea that it is a blessed herb put on Earth by God/Jah for mankind to utilize from creation.

(can also be shortened to simply "bless" for easier use in speech)

"Man i feel Highly Blessed inna meditation from smokin on that gangsta blunt."
by Christo Sherbert January 8, 2008
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blessed is a way to say everything is cool, another way of saying blessed is "bumper and breast"
oi fam u cool yh
yh im blessed


oi fam u cool yh
yh im bumper and breast
by smirky March 3, 2008
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Being given a great joy by God.
9/11 was a good thing because it made us realize how blessed we are to live in this country.
by Anonymous July 9, 2003
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To join a gang without getting jumped or doing some sort of initation. People are mainly blessed for being a family member of an already recruited gangmember. Shunned upon by other gang members. Usually promoted or acknowledged without doing real work like the rest of the members.
Josh got blessed in cuz hes Elloi's cousin. What a pussy.
by 6 star general September 30, 2007
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to get yo dick sucked in the middle of the street.
yo man, this homeless lady followed me to the bus-stop and blessed me for two tic-tacs and a frankfurter.
by beast October 10, 2003
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