It means "get out of here !" or I don't believe you, you are kidding me !
Man : I can crack my nose!
Woman: Get outta here! "means I don't believe you!"
Man 2: You are not so funny!
Woman 2: Get outta here! "means leave this place, I don't like you!"
by Al Fata Al Tayer September 22, 2015
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When a second person (who usually is a kid or a whimp) says when someone seems to have more of a mental & physical power over you. They tell you to leave because of a particular problem.
Don: "you don't pick on my younger brother, GET OUT OF HERE!"

Lil Joey: "Yea, get outta here!"
by T.Wilson November 27, 2012
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A command requesting the departure of those whose presence is unwanted.
Usually pronounced as one word.
See: Git Gone
Popularized by Jeff Foxworty in his You-might-be-a-redneck comedy.
You boys better get on outta here. Yer momma's gonna be here in a minute and she is steamed.
by pythonspam November 7, 2003
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This phrase is used when you are caught up in your words, and aren't making any sense, and you need to get out as soon as possible, so you decide to turn to a famous playright to make yourself look educated and get out of the situation before it is too late!!!
"If you have a goat as a pet, it will eat everything!" "Well, DUH, that's why they call them goats!!!" OH god, according to Sophocles, I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!!!!
by According to Sophocles... July 13, 2007
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Translates to, "Excuse me sir but you are upsetting me so I am asking you to please leave the area".
Man fool, you betta get up outta here.
by Ant2562001 September 19, 2012
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Often heard in movies where the characters are Italian Americans living in New York.

It simply means that you don't believe what someone else said.
Henry Hill: There it is, you see that Mike? You see that Helicopter? See it right there, right infront of us there? I think it's been following me all morning.

Mikey: Get the fuck outta here! What are you, nuts?
by SoySauceBill October 2, 2009
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Def.1 To express disbelief in something someone has just said.

Tom; "Did you hear that jamie gave me crabs."

Eddie; "Get the fuck outta here!!"
by EddieLee October 15, 2007
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