Alice got turned around looking for the White Rabbit.
by Vincent Mac November 5, 2013
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When you go to the restroom with the intention of urinating, but you fart, and then have to turn around to poop.
Girl: what took you so long?

Boy: sorry, girl, had to stay for the turn around, real quick...
by ElChe23 September 26, 2015
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The mating call of the wild gargoyle. Society as a whole is generally confused as to what this mating call is in reference to, but public figures (Oprah, Charlie Sheen, and Tom Hanks) are on record stating that the act involves a strap-on.
*Heard from behind a closed door*
Gargoyle: Turn Around!
Man-Beast: Sometimes I feel like mating with you isn't quite natural....
Gargoyle: THINK I CARE?!?!???
*Sounds of moaning and crying follow*
by ConcernedUCStudent December 2, 2011
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a metaphor, usually used in song, for suicide.
"You tell me that you're sorry / Didn't think I'd turn around and say / That it's too late to apologize" ('Apologize, OneRepublic)

"I met a girl who sang the blues, and I asked her for some happy news / She just smiled and turned away"
('American Pie', Don McLean, referencing Janis Joplin)
by RDoh August 18, 2011
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When a male begins to urinate and realizes he also has to deficate, therefor requiring a turn around squat to the toilet.
I went into the bathroom to piss but ended up having to hit a turn-around dumper.

I felt like Kobe when I had to hit the turn-around dumper in the bathroom.
by Rdeezy98 April 18, 2017
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Based on the Green Mountain form of a U-turn, which is when you pull your car past a street, throw it in reverse and back down the street. Then enable your turn signal (because you’re not an Masshole) and pull out going the other direction.

As a sexual act, it’s pretty straight forward. Or straight backward, really. It’s when a girl (preferably of the green mountain variety, because girls from VT are known to be hot AF) walks past a dude. Stops in her tracks, and throws that ass in reverse towards said green mountain boy. Backs it up until she’s right on his Dakin Farm summer sausage. She then proceeds to ride him like a Morgan horse while feeding him Cabot cheddar cheese and/or Ben & Jerry’s. At climax, he shoots his 100% pure maple syrup into her homemade apple pie. She gets up and walks in the opposite direction towards some dope fall foliage.
“Jenny came over last night and gave me a Vermont turn-around. Girls from Burlington are straight up freaks man.”
by Nifs September 12, 2020
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(noun. Also, turn-around time, or; turn over) The time in which something takes to get done. A waiter has many turn overs in a night. A buyer wants to know what company, or service's turn around time is.
What's the turn around time from production to final sale?
by Antenna Wilde February 21, 2008
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