The best woman you will ever meet in your life and regret losing when she leaves you. If you leave her you will never forget her and always wish you were back with her. She is too cool for all the fools. A Gigi is hot and finer than any other and she doesn't even care because she doesn't need to rely on her looks to get by in life even though she could if she wanted to.
She is the new definition of being "in style"
That sweater is so gigi
by murphy dunbunny February 4, 2010
Coolest bitch you will ever meet. Super Hot. Terrific singer and dancer. Just don't get on her bad side or you will never come out of the shadows. Gigi always knows everything from someone who has a crush to people cheating on each other. Never under estimate her or you will be surprised of what she can do.
Just met a girl yesterday, man was she hot. But I feel like she suits you better.
Really? Hot girl? Why me?
She was definitely finesse but she ain't no Gigi.
by pradabae January 14, 2017
Gigi is one of my very best friend she is kind , loyal ,smart ,and independent she will always be by your side no matter what .(also very protective of her friends and family) when she is mad she run or she will bit the only Gigi in my heart ♥️ have you figured it out yet ?
Woofgood girl Gigi 💝
by My bestie September 29, 2018
A bad mamma-jamma also known as a brick house who can often be heard stating how she's "got things she's got to do."
Random Guy: Did you just see that lady carrying all those Christmas decorations? She was hot!

Random Guy #2: Yeah, that must be Gigi.
by Stair Stomper November 5, 2009
She is a full load of craziness and you’ll regret doing her wrong on a HUGEEE level but be aware because she is super spoiled but not full of herself(all the time)but adores her friends and whoever she does wrong leave it there because what comes after is even worst so don’t try it. Mostly short and bad as who knows what and always wants things to go her way and if not the other way is not okay, but overall she is the best person you could meet but be careful because she will vanish from your life if u make a wrong move.
Might not wanna do Gigi wrong
by Thispersonudontneedtoknow April 1, 2018
A spunky girl, with a great personality. An abbreviation for the italian name Gionna or Gianna! She likes the color purple and a guy named Matt<3 She likes cheerleading, gymnastics, tap, running,and a lot more!
Here comes Gigi, she is the awesomest person in the world!!!
by pepsi+J&G= :) July 6, 2011
A totally amazing girl who is super skinny and beautiful! She is very kind and is amazing at Mario Kart. A girl who loves younger men. A totally amazing friend who you cant live without! The best friend a girl could ever wish for.
Thats so Gigi!
by pinkgirl1220 February 21, 2010