when you accidentally change the lotion with hot sauce example Tabasco sauce.
Ahh shit dude, my dick is burning. I just did the exchange!
by OkseSenpai420 April 25, 2018
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The Exchange is one of the most glorious and under-used unwritten law of partying. It just states that if you hold back the hair of a female, while she is projectile vomiting into the toilet after a few too many, She must immediately slob on your knob, during, or after throwing up.
Shit motha fucka that bitch threw up on my lap so i made her suck my D.

Bonnie and I were having a wonderful time at the party until she got sick, then she had to suck my penis. I sure enjoy calling out the exchange.
by Kam Lange September 17, 2007
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Foreign Exchange student, usually from China, who can be found all around college campuses. Often speaks poor English and travels in packs with other Exchangers, always speaking in their native tongues to one another. Most often or not, an exchanger will work at on-campus convenient store, and the exchanger will mess up every purchase and cause huge delays in purchasing food, due to their inability to work a simple cash register. The Exchanger is also completely oblivious to the fact that the person paying is in a hurry and needs to get to class.
GUY1: What's with this long line?

GUY2: Can't you tell? There's an Exchanger, up front, working the register...

GUY1: Looks like he just messed up another credit card payment.
by Jerny Boy May 4, 2009
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the best F#$ing band you wish you heard of already.

Fuck did you hear THE EXCHANGES last night? "Fuck no! I was getting baked with the Colonle and Chronic Future out front... Arizona represent!"
by Allan December 2, 2004
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the people that a country doesnt want any more so they send them 2 a different country.people countries trade in exchange for crack.or just because their ugly.
aka-exchange students
"ah-me no speak english"
"who the HELL r them people talking funny?"
by K-Li and Morgan April 20, 2005
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Performing oral sex on someone of the opposite sex.
Hey, Kelsey--you KNOW when you get married you'll be ALL over the exchange!
by Rocco's modern life December 8, 2008
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A brief exchange of the words "What's up?, Sup?, Sup man?,etc." when passing by someone you know but would not otherwise stop and engage in heavy conversation with.
Alex: Sup?

Me: Sup man?

Later that day I tell my friend I was talking to Alex.

Friend: Oh what was he saying?

Me: Nothing. It was just a suptual exchange.
by Peege23 October 18, 2010
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