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Oomf stands for "one of my followers" on twitter.
"oomf has to stop sharing pictures of her abs."
by theteennet January 7, 2017
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When you follow someone on a social media account and they follow you back.
"my mutuals are so nice to me."
by theteennet January 7, 2017
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Used to attack someone with an opposite opinion with you. Usually seen in stan twitter.
"look I'm dragging them hard!! They have no more reply!! "
by theteennet December 30, 2016
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ๅŽŸๆœฌๆŒ‡Good Game, ไฝ†ๆœƒๅœจไธๅนธๅ’Œ็ช็„ถ็š„ไบ‹ไธŠ
"ไปŠๆฌกggไบ†๏ผŒๆˆ‘็š„ๆ•ธๅญธไธๅŠๆ ผ"
by theteennet March 20, 2017
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Originally means laugh out loud, but if you receive this in a text message, it can also mean "oh u think this is funny but probably not for me".
"she thought the yogurt was milk! "
"lol, I sometimes does this too"
by theteennet January 5, 2017
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A cupcake is referring to someone who praises everything his or her idol does or says no matter what. Mostly doesn't give true opinion.
"she's such a cupcake! "
"sorry for being cupcakey, but I like all songs in the xxx album"
by theteennet January 28, 2017
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