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When you follow someone on a social media account and they follow you back.
"my mutuals are so nice to me."
by theteennet January 07, 2017

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Oomf stands for "one of my followers" on twitter.
"oomf has to stop sharing pictures of her abs."
by theteennet January 07, 2017

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The feeling when you saw or heard something that makes you feel excited or you feel blessed about it, usually used in unexpected situations.
Similar to snatched
"Katy's new video got me shook!"
"Rachel liked my tweet I am shook! "
by theteennet January 04, 2017

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Used to attack someone with an opposite opinion with you. Usually seen in stan twitter.
"look I'm dragging them hard!! They have no more reply!! "
by theteennet December 29, 2016

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A poem by Jane Yolen, about the Japanese Kung Fu is not about fighting or bullying. It's about strong empowerment.

Original poem:
I am wind
I am wall
I am wave

I rise, I fall
I am crane
In lofty flight

Training that
I need not fight

I am tiger
I am tree
I am flower
I am knee
I am elbow
I am hands
Taught to do
The heart's commands

Not to bully
Not to fight
Dragon left
And leopard right
Wind and wave
Tree and flower



"that karate kid poem is so amazing! It had a really good meaning! "
by theteennet January 07, 2017

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Originally means laugh out loud, but if you receive this in a text message, it can also mean "oh u think this is funny but probably not for me".
"she thought the yogurt was milk! "
"lol, I sometimes does this too"
by theteennet January 05, 2017

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A cupcake is referring to someone who praises everything his or her idol does or says no matter what. Mostly doesn't give true opinion.
"she's such a cupcake! "
"sorry for being cupcakey, but I like all songs in the xxx album"
by theteennet January 28, 2017

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