The Darwinian notion that only those traits best suited to perpetuate the species will endure to be passed along indefinitely from generation to generation while those traits most detrimental to the good of the species will be phased out after a few generations.
This preservation of favourable individual differences and variations, and the destruction of those which are injurious, I have called Natural Selection, or the Survival of the Fittest. - Charles Darwin, Origin of Species
by mta3000 October 17, 2010
When yo playin dodgeball in PE “middle school style

Pe teacher doesn’t see other team cheat
You get shot in the nuts other team goes “LOL LMAOO WHAT A Noob!!!”
“Yo coach they be cheating”
Survival of the Fittest, ya wimp
by Willthrill9 January 8, 2020
When you go through your list of fuck buddies and friends with benefits and choose the fittest girls and get rid of all the munters until eventually you're left with the fittest ones.
"I don't know which one I like the most?"
"Go all survival of the fittest on them dude"
by Elach April 8, 2015
When you are at school and your mom hasn’t picked you up yet and you have 5 dollars in your bag for cris
Hey, this feels like Survival of the Fittest.
by Not a Gnelf, but a gnome. January 23, 2019
In his worldwide best seller Professor Walczak states that a species who prohibit their ability in order to help an individual among the species will rank lower among other species. Professor Walczak uses the example of 5 organisms with 1 of them not being able to survive independently. On moralistic grounds, the 4 organisms - instead of adhering to what natural selection is and ultimately letting it die - they help the organism meanwhile limiting their own potential. In conclusion Professor Walczak states that thought the 4 fully functioning organisms themselves thrive individually, due to the 1 organism being a limiting factor, it weighs down the rest of the group.
Have you heard of "On the Origins of Species" by Charles Darwin?

Nah I agree more with the Survival of the Fittest: Walczak Approach.
by Ruling Council of Minecon December 23, 2022