mofos who kick ass like luke skywalker, aka luke shitkicker
kel: hey, did you see hector get his ass karate chopped by bob yesterday?

les: yeah, that's cuz bob's a shitkicker!!
by kelvin shitkicka June 4, 2007
cool as fuck but can't help the odd weird phrase creeping into their vocabulary.

Someone who wont take any shit off anyone
by bikini kill February 28, 2004
A white person hailing from America's deep south, Usually is republican, Conservative and posseses an intense dislike for Foreigners or at least non-Southerners.
A shitkicker is similar to a Redneck
Many people see all white Southerners as Racist redneck Shitkickers
by David Bayliss June 24, 2006
One who tends to kick shit.
Luanne was just coming through the front door, and she shouted at me that I was a shitkicker, and she was right as I was in fact transporting a turd across the living room with my foot.
by Zhirgenhoff November 28, 2007