1. A farmer

2. (pl.)A pair of heavy boots.
I had to scrape off my shitkickers before I walked into the house.
by tradesman April 4, 2003
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(In Australia) A low ranking person, especially in a workplace, who gets all the dirty or menial jobs.
Poor old Wayne never earned much; all his life he was a shitkicker in a factory.
by Bob Highland February 2, 2004
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1)farmer's boots
2)poor, white hicks
1)The farmer put on his shitkickers before plowing the field.
2)The shitkicker lived in a trailer in Arkansas.
by ---------- October 22, 2003
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1. a cowboy, farmer or any male rustic 2. anything of cowboy culture as a western film or country-western song

The adjective is "shitkicking" or "shitkickin'" as shitkickin' boots or shitkickin' song.
The shitkickers all drive rusty old trucks in this part of town.
by Jon64Bailey March 3, 2008
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Big heavy boots, usually combat-type, but occasionally DMs or similar; sometimes steel reinforced, often worn to intimidate others. Usually seen on rivethead types, both male and female.
She always wears her shitkickers when she goes downtown so the guys won't try to hit on her.
by Leah May 21, 2004
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n.,pl., boots that are similar to ones that a person would wear if they were working and at risk of stepping in manure, but are fancy or new and are worn for fashion
All right Ellie-Mae I'll go line dancing with you, just hold on while I put on my shitkickers!
by Webster Papadopolous July 12, 2004
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Oh, the shitkicker? Well, the one with the big mouth, the one who always has something to prove, the one who just can't leave well enough alone.

The shitkicker goes through life, pushing everything and everyone to their absolute limit by doing annoying little things, like always giving special instructions when ordering food, asking way too many questions and trying to get the last word in every disagreement.
You know the one, everyone has had to deal with someone who would do something as useless as kick a piece of shit.

Confronted with the life experience of a child, the cocksure shitkicker goes through life kicking shit down the street, but never actually ends up getting anywhere.....
by osibisa October 28, 2007
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