Oh, the shitkicker? Well, the one with the big mouth, the one who always has something to prove, the one who just can't leave well enough alone.

The shitkicker goes through life, pushing everything and everyone to their absolute limit by doing annoying little things, like always giving special instructions when ordering food, asking way too many questions and trying to get the last word in every disagreement.
You know the one, everyone has had to deal with someone who would do something as useless as kick a piece of shit.

Confronted with the life experience of a child, the cocksure shitkicker goes through life kicking shit down the street, but never actually ends up getting anywhere.....
by osibisa October 28, 2007
A lower class white person who hails from a rural area
All of Hicksville's shitkickers gathered at the rodeo arena on Saturday nights.
by Dolphin_X April 4, 2003
1. a graduate of an agricultural school
2. having the attitude of a graduate of an agricultural school
Oklahoma State's shitkicker alums care more about OU getting beat than they do about their own team winning (feel free to replace with Texas A&M-UT respectively).
by izzythedog January 10, 2007
A violent mullet wearing lower class white person who ends his beatings with kicks to his downed opponent's head.
Garth really layed the boots on some guy at a party last night.
by Mike November 11, 2003
boots used to lay a beat down.
Time to lace up the shitkickers and kick some ass.
by Jim_Bob June 3, 2003
A male who lives out in the country. Like a cabbage girl, a shitkicker usually lives on a farm.
Girls go for the shitkickers; women go for the city boys.
by Barry MacCockener January 25, 2005
a redneck who does a lot of drugs
"Man I got some superdust. Here I was a huffin, uh, lighter... uh, airplane glue in a sandwich bag. Just all I care to get it on into my lungs and gettin' high. Then I take me a hit of that gas, right after I take a hit. Man you talk about a warped mind I got one, and lighter fluid... I sniff it by the cans. I mean, I am Superman"
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003