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When you go to a strip club hoping to spend some time with your favorite dancer, only to find out that she isn't working that night.
"I drove all the way across town so I could get a lap dance from Liz, but when I got to the club the bouncer told me that she had the night off. Oh well, strip happens."
by You Can't Kill the Metal January 23, 2007
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Somebody who frequently benefits from the generosity of others, but never returns the favor.
"Jerry's been living with me for a week, sleeping on my couch, watching my DVDs, eating my food, borrowing my car, and using my internet all day long instead of looking for a job. And so far he hasn't even offered to pay for gas or cook a meal or anything. What a sponge."
by You Can't Kill the Metal September 5, 2007
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The female equivalent of a Guido. This term describes a woman of (usually of Italian descent) who wears lots of makeup, short skirts or stretch pants, anything with a leopard print on it, high heels, cheap jewelry, and lots of hair spray. Stellas are also known for their love of dance music and chewing gum.
Marissa Tomei's character in "My Cousin Vinnie" is a stereotypical Stella.
by You Can't Kill the Metal November 3, 2007
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Similar to limousine liberal, except the Lexus Liberal is a member of the upper middle-class rather than the upper class. Lexus liberals are characterized as being ignorant and lacking common sense in regards to political and social issues despite having a college education.

Unlike Limousine Liberals, Lexus Liberals are often considered to simply be naive rather than hypocritical.
Because Paul owned a luxury sedan, a $500,000 home, and employed the services of a housekeeper despite his beliefs in progressive taxation and helping the poor, he was referred to as a Lexus Liberal by his neighbors.
by You Can't Kill the Metal May 27, 2007
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Originally began as a meme about an upper middle class soccer mom with a short, angled, and layered haircut. A petty tyrant, she was the bane of service and retail employees everywhere and would demand to speak to the manager over even the slightest mistake.

During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, the Karen meme exploded in popularity. In this case, she didn't flex her tyrant tendencies by demanding to speak to the manager. Instead, she scolded people for not wearing masks and called the police on her neighbors for not social distancing. On social media she urged people to stay home and shared TikTok videos of dancing nurses.
At the supermarket today some Karen bitched at me because I wasn't wearing a mask.
by You Can't Kill the Metal May 21, 2020
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A wild party where beer is served (usually in disposable plastic cups) from a keg. Keggers are usually associated with high school and college students, but anybody can throw one if they've got a lot of friends and at least one keg of beer.
"Were you at Steve's kegger on Saturday night? Jessica and Ashley got drunk and made out with each other in front of everybody. It was awesome!"
by You Can't Kill the Metal October 20, 2006
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Stereotypical home for the geek, nerd, fatbeard, loser, etc. The term implies that the individual still lives with one or both of his parents despite being a grown man. Reasons for still living at home may include a lack of drive and ambition, being unable to afford a place of his own due to spending all of his money on his hobbies (i.e. Star Trek figurines, comic books, and online role-playing games), or just plain being a mama's boy.
"Jeff is such a loser. He really needs to move out of his mom's basement and work on getting laid rather than spending every free minute playing World of Warcraft."
by You Can't Kill the Metal September 11, 2006
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