“C o w b o y”
by Cowboy_ April 30, 2021
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The roughest toughest son of a bitch you know. This man drives the biggest ram truck and shows up to a gun fight with his fists. He ties barb wire without gloves and rides world champion bulls for 16 seconds. This man could light a marlboro red before it even leaves the pack. Death fears a cowboy and he fears nothing.
Did you boys see that cowboy break up that fight at the bar. He was stronger than steel and chalked up a Marlboro and then road the sunset.
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1. in the American Old West, a tough, honest and practical summa bitch who worked to get paid, and then spent all of his money on whiskey and women at the end of the trail. Cowboys are honest and ethical, but know how to have a good time, too.

2. an athlete or fan of Oklahoma State University. Much like the first definition, OSU Cowboys are also tough, honest and practical as well as fiercely loyal to their school and its athletic programs. Come on down to our home on the range-Stillwater, OK-and we'll show you some hospitality you won't experience anywhere else...unless you're a sooner.
My heroes have always been cowboys; they're tough and practical, and they don't suffer fools (e.g., sooners).
by Pokes Win February 19, 2004
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UK slang

A tradesperson, normally a builder, plumber, roofer etc who performs shoddy work at an inflated price.
I paid some cowboy to fix the leak, he charged me 300 quid and I've still got 6 inches of water in my kitchen.
by black flag June 2, 2004
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According to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from MTV hit series "Jersey Shore" a cowboy is a hot guy who's not Italian.
You can't marry a cowboy but you could go for a ride on one.
by Niki Tuezday! September 5, 2010
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You're banging a girl and you say, "Wow, I guess great sex runs in your family. But I think that you're sister/mother gave better head." Assuming that things go to plan, you're wench gets angry and tries to throw you off. Stay on as long as you can.. that's the fun.
Don't try this with manly women.. they get pissed.
by StONY January 26, 2004
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