V. First, you take a big old steaming shit in the middle of the floor. Then, you perform a Chuck Norris roundhose kick on some bitch so she falls down. Finally, while she is knocked out, you roll her in the heap of shit until she is completely covered. As an optional follow-up maneuver, depending on how pissed you are you could do the Donnie Yuen shadow cunt-kick.(this is where you draw an imaginary semi-circle in front of you with your toe, lift your robes and shadow kick that bitch square in the cunt.)
"What's wrong with you today, Charlie?"

"Ah, my old lady was givin' me a hard time last night."
"Well, if she's being that much of a cunt to ya, you oughtta give her the ol' Chuck Norris Shitkick"
by THEBigDaddyC September 30, 2006
Bill - we missed our turn we gotta take a shitkicker
Joe - you damn right we do
by DaDaggerMans July 6, 2018
A wild or raucous gathering, often involving consumption of copious amounts of alcohol and recreational drug use.
"Dude, did you go to that frat party last night?"

"Yeah man, I drank an entire 30 rack and did heroin. It was a fucking shitkicker."
by tunahours October 12, 2022
Shitkickers are what half of the population of guys in miffco wear in a daily basis with their black and red flannel and the baseball cap on and a fish hood on the bills
#ranger rick with his shitkickers on
by Awesome dancer April 4, 2018