A enemy/ someone you dont fuck with
Bruh he's a opposition, i dont fuck with him.(opp for short)
by the realest nigga ever July 28, 2015
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The anti, reversed, or rivaling version of a

1. noun

2. adjective
3. verb
1. Male and female genitalia are opposites.
2. It is cold outside compared to this warm fire.
3. I attracted someone today, opposite to my SO's reaction.
by (9+10)x2 = 42 | 42x10 = 420 December 27, 2017
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Something that is as different as possible from something else.
Billy: Your mother straight
Joe: Um ok
Billy: Its opposite day
Joe: fucking end me
by chiqennugget October 14, 2018
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Word made by my 7th grade Advanced Algebra teacher. It is another name for a negative sign. You use this word when you have a number that you need to make the “opposite” with a negative sign. (“Take the opposite”)
Use an oppositizer to take the opposite of 8. You will then get -8.
by shanbanan March 20, 2021
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