A word used to describe someone who wears heavy Cowboy type boots. Also used to describe someone from the south who talks with a Twang in their voice.
(1)Look at the shitkickers that ol' boy has on.

(2)Devin: Hey Paul. I'll bet you $10, That guy driving that jacked up Ford 4x4 extended cab with the 40 inch mudboggers is a shitkicker.

Paul: You're not taking my money THAT easy Dev! The truck is covered in mud,Has Git-R-Done! wrote beneath the gun rack and a set of bumper nuts hanging from the trailer hitch. Of course he's a shitkicker!
by Troublesome '96 February 22, 2008
The worst possible way to feel treated by someone. To be metaphorically blindsided as if by a MACK-truck, and sent careening down a flight of stairs to a marble floor, only to be pissed upon by a mocking shadow from the top step before you know what happened. i.e. getting dumped when you did nothing wrong.
If dirty little whores are a nickel a bushel, then by throwing me away you just shitkicked your own bushel of nickels.
by devastated in n.c. July 6, 2005
Rob - Fuck we went the wrong way, we better make a shitkicker
Jon - you damn right
by DaDaggerMans July 6, 2018
kicking one directly in the asshole stunning the asshole loosening it and shit is released
oh i totally just Asshole Shitkicked john yesterday, it was fucking gross

I Asshole Shitkicked the fire mage and it was super effective
by i love to asshole shitkick September 11, 2011
tiny dogs that just bark and bark and smell and do nothing else
god i hate her dog
is it a shitkicker dog
yeah it is
by Astroisangry November 9, 2020
An individual lacking in originality, wit and general humour. Usually a bottom feeder who finds amusement at the cost of others. An all round non-contributer to life.
Shut up, shitkick.
by rach230390 March 17, 2011
A drink consisting of 1 Tablespoon Metamucil in 5 oz water and 3 oz tequila.
Dude, last night we all had Mexican Shitkickers to celebrate my promotion. I wouldn't go in that bathroom right now for all the corn in Tijuana.

Yeah, but I'll bet you feel emptier than a used pinata...
by slancio April 8, 2011