Slang term for Cowboy boots. Shit Kickers typically dont refer to the roper style cowboy boots but more the traditional pointed toe high heeled variety. Dubbed "shit kickers" because they come in handy in a fight.
These punk motherfuckers better shut their mouths if they know whats best for them. Daddy's got his shit kickers on!
by HAMME-R October 29, 2008
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a cowboy... or cowgirl, someone who wears tight jeans, cowboy hat, belt buckle, cowboy boots
damn that jungle bunny kicked that shit kicker's ass
by a.b.s April 23, 2006
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Large and/or heavy boots that could possibly be used to beat someone.
John is wearing his shit-kickers today.
by j December 19, 2004
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One who tends to kick shit.
Luanne was just coming through the front door, and she shouted at me that I was a shitkicker, and she was right as I was in fact transporting a turd across the living room with my foot.
by Zhirgenhoff November 27, 2007
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N. cowboy boots worn by cowgirls or cowboys. Older ones use to have pointy toes, now the more modern ones have toes of various shapes. Tops of them are usually colourful or fancied up of some sort.
"Wow, look at them new shit kickers Jake bought at Lammles today!"
by ridergirl October 23, 2007
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A word used to describe someone who wears heavy Cowboy type boots. Also used to describe someone from the south who talks with a Twang in their voice.
(1)Look at the shitkickers that ol' boy has on.

(2)Devin: Hey Paul. I'll bet you $10, That guy driving that jacked up Ford 4x4 extended cab with the 40 inch mudboggers is a shitkicker.

Paul: You're not taking my money THAT easy Dev! The truck is covered in mud,Has Git-R-Done! wrote beneath the gun rack and a set of bumper nuts hanging from the trailer hitch. Of course he's a shitkicker!
by Troublesome '96 February 22, 2008
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Also an army term
Used to describe Soldiers
(ie, from private -to- warrant officer)
also commonly called the grunts
Captain: Tell them shit-kickers to get movin'!
Leuitenant: YesSir
by AussieCpl January 07, 2006
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