Those words your wife keeps screaming at you while you try to figure out why your table only has 3 legs after you finished it.
Instructions were flying and so was the blood from my pinky.
by J.M.R. October 25, 2005
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a website where people post plans and/or instructions for projects. Topics include transportation, photography, art, pets, technology, explosives, and more
I got burned when I made a rocket from plans off of instructables.

by Alex Cole April 7, 2008
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A kick-ass song by Jax Jones, Demi Lovato, and Stefflon Don
Person 1: "hey have you heard that new song Instruction?"
by Lovatic4DemisAss June 24, 2017
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describing a novel, e.g. The Giving Tree, from which an extroverted inebriate in tenleytown may or may not have received some knowledge or life lesson, upon reading, once.

however, to said inebriate, definition unknown.
"i read a novel once."
"i don't know what that means."
"oh, i'm very sorry. did you learn anything?"
by suzabbareena January 17, 2005
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generally used when associating the beating of someone's ass to the ground one is standing upon (i.e. pavement, gravel, grass, etc.)
"yo brotha', i'm gonna instruct doofus if he don't get his ganders off me."
by Joshua Light March 16, 2005
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Used whenever someone gives blatantly awful instructions and leaves the person trying to learn worse off than where he/she was originally.
"To set up the demodulator 9000, hook up the synthescope sync clock to the upper radial bearing of the elliptical upper casing ..."

"Instructions unclear: dick stuck in toaster."
by Dark Sneasel September 7, 2014
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A phrase said when either the instructions were vague or not understood. Usually followed by getting one's genitals stuck in household appliances.
Instructions: To get your witchmax-2000 broomstick up and running you must sacrifice 1 virgin(whose first name must start with an 'X') on an altar which has the shape of the map of Argentina while reading the bible backwards in an Australian accent while writing the solution of three complex differential equations on the altar with a black bpelikan/b marker.
Once complete, proceed with soaking the bat feathers in the virgin blood and your good to go.

User: Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in the toaster. Help..?
by SirBarks alot March 22, 2016
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