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"Rugged and overused...Like my cha"
by Leah March 3, 2005
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When a person mixes up the words in a sentence hardcore.

"How dyslexified is that sentence?"
Original sentence: "Entering Data at the station with David"

Dyslexified sentence: Entering David at the Data with Station"
by Leah October 6, 2004
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A manner of conducting business.
Yodawg, Why you be frontin? We just don't roll that way.
by Leah April 5, 2005
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somebody who is well known.
usually called bitchy/nasty/slaggy. but usually actually a nice person.
people often think just because somebodys popular they will end up being a looser the rest of their lives.
given a lot of respect to their face, but behind their backs often slagged off.
geek: "look at that popular person, shes just guna end up workin in mc donalds"
by Leah December 6, 2003
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