Short for shit factory, a worthless, good-for-nothing person just taking up valuable space on the planet.
"That worthless scum is just a factory, using resources without contributing anything of value."
by Hugh Johnson August 4, 2005
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refers to a paint job, sound system, rims or anything else to do with a vehicle that comes standard with the vehicle.
He ain't shit! I got custom candy paint on my car and he ridin' factory!
by qdmasta September 2, 2003
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As in "factory air". Fairly rare and quite a treat. The space between *certain* women's most upper and inner thigh. From front or benind light will shine through. So good, you cant get it, it has to be installed in the factory.
Jessica Biel, Heather Locklear. "Jeeze, did you see the factory on Jessica Biel"? Yum.
by Nutrabear September 28, 2007
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a large building of an industrial nature where most of it labor workers get "f*ct."
John's brother really got "f*ct"...he went from Wall Street Banker to Factory Worker.
by MoJo Mojowitz August 4, 2005
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A woman's womb. That which produces children.
The factory's closed! I ain't having any more kids.
by johnthewarlord August 5, 2005
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A word that essentially means "cool" or "snazzy." Also a typo of "fancy" that was made and is now just a fun slang word.
jimothy: i got my hair dyed today
jessica: damn that's so factory
jimothy, pulling off his hat: no it's not jessica they dyed it green
by minimimio March 27, 2021
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