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on the verge of heaving: "Europe" like ralph is echoic (suggestive) of the sound made by throwing up
I think I am going to Europe: I just saw Dubya's stupid face again!!
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2008
to pretentiously act or appear productive or busy; to "go through the motions"
We need to fake the funk so the boss doesn't think we lack ambition.
by Jon64Bailey December 20, 2008
American colloquial (noun) the work of cowboys; beef ranching
The men did cowboying for a living when gold fever and color in the river ran flat.
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2009
Americanism a game by which boys dress as and act like cowboys and/or American Indians as in play
Young American boys have played cowboys-and-Indians from day one.
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2009
(noun) 1. a man, or sometimes a boy, who tends or herds beef cattle or works on a beef ranch; COWMAN; COWHAND 2. Americanism, Colloquial any man or boy who wears the typical garb like that of a cowboy Sense 1 as in play or fashion 3. American slang a male person regarded as simple, rustic, idealistic, uneducated, crude, unsophisticated, wild, and/or reckless, also, a man who is a reckless car or truck driver 4. Americanism any male character in western pictures or novels who acts or dresses like a cowboys as a gunslinger, sheriff, train robbers, etc. in the old American west 5. American slang something regarded as western in culture as a book or film as “I have fifteen war films and fifty cowboys in my video collection.”
(adj) 1. like, of, or pertaining to cowboys and/or American western culture as a cowboy hat, a cowboy gun, or a cowboy movie 2. American slang shoddy, ad hoc or inferior in workmanship or quality as cowboy coffee or cowboy wiring
(vi) to do the work of cowboys; tend or herd beef cattle
-cowboy up American slang be a man; act as a genuine male; face a difficult challenge or task at hand
The cowboys rode sunup until sundown with grit teeth!!
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2009
1. a remarkable or unique American person or thing or a person or thing patently American
2. sarcastically, an American person patently or annoyingly ordinary or typical as in the phrase "You're an American original."
John Wayne, blue jeans, baseball and Harley-Davidson motorcycles are American originals.

Vera was annoyed at Tom for chauvinistically criticising her as she was driving the car while riding the brake pedal. She said to Tom, "Boy, you're an American original."
by Jon64Bailey November 3, 2020
she is so ugly you need 3 bags over her head, 1 over yours and 1 over your dog's!: five baggers are three times as ugly as "coyote ugly", about twice as ugly as "ugly as sin" and of course, 1 2/3 times uglier than even a three bagger
That chick I met at the biker bar was one five bagger from hell!!!!
by Jon64Bailey January 11, 2008