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The kind of person who doesn't really have any knowledge of slang - or life, for that matter - but insists on posting their "definitions" on this site. The content of their posting, no matter what the subject, ALWAYS refers to at least one, if not all, of the following:

1) A penis, or anything associated with penises, such as testicles, semen, urine or pubic hair. (this reference appears in just about every posting by the Loser, who will vehemently deny being gay, despite having an obvious and disturbing obsession with the penises of other men.)

2) A "hot" female, or any part of her body. The female's sole purpose is to inevitably get "fucked" or desired to be "fucked". The Loser cannot figure out any other use for a beautiful woman, and indeed, has no experience with beautiful women anyway. (Thinking about beautiful women is not encouraged since it only takes away from the precious time needed to consider the penises of other men.)

3) Anything related to beer (but not other forms of alcohol), professional sports, red meat, the military strength of the American Armed Forces, or anything else considered "manly" by the Loser.

4) The word Fuck, usually repeated many times and in many variations.
The Urban Dictionary Loser is typically a white, suburban teenager or 20-something, with little life experience who sits around in front of the TV, talking shit with his friends about how great he is. You know the one, he needs to constantly verbalize his desire to fuck every woman that comes on TV, is always right no matter what the subject is, and has a very high opinion of himself. In fact, it might even be you and that's why you're rating this thumbs down, because the truth hurts, doesn't it, you Urban Dictionary Loser!?!?
by osibisa November 23, 2007

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When you hit that punani so hard and deep, the bitch can't walk for the next three days.
"Yeah child, he longdicked me good, I look like I was riding a horse!"

"Remember when I longdicked you, and broke your ovary?"
-Ghostface Killah
by osibisa October 04, 2007

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1. Completely ridiculous misspelling of the word 'homie', used by wannabe hip hoppers who think they have a good vocabulary but haven't yet discovered that the two Ms together make an AWW sound on the O....

2. Person from the city of Homs, Syria or Homs, Libya.
1. "What up hommie, I just got a pizza fromm that new pizza place, and I'm going homme to eat somme, wanna comme along?"

2. "Yo man, one day us Hommies are gonna cross to the other side of the Sahara!"
by osibisa November 04, 2007

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Any kind of food, usually baked, with a consistency and texture resembling that of shit.

When eaten, the strong sensation of feeling as though one were chewing on shit slowly takes over the mind. It's then spit or swallow time.

Shitcakes can often contain nuts or dried fruit, which sometimes enhance the sensation of chewing on shit.
As Vlad sat chewing on Yorkshire pudding, its shitty consistency made itself apparent. The way it melted and slipped around in his mouth was exactly what he imagined chewing on shit would be like... This was a shitcake alright. However, he suddenly realized that to truly know what a shitcake was, one must know what it was like to chew shit. He glanced over at the toilet and knew what had to be done.....
by osibisa October 28, 2007

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An Irish faggot, usually wearing green and talking too loud.
Random Irish guy: Yee, lookee me green hat and green shoes! I be Irish!

Everyone else: Shut the fuck up, Mcfaggot...
by osibisa October 04, 2007

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When you're drunk at the titty bar and you suddenly realize that you're in Cleveland, and the bitch in your lap is really a man!!
"Hey, I'm going to Cleveland this weekend"

"Just don't let anything with a moustache near your lap.... You don't one of them Cleveland Lapdances, no sir, you do not!"
by osibisa October 05, 2007

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Word used by fat, stupid, lazy males to refer to oral sex. Since these men are not accustomed to using their brains and are entirely unfamiliar with this organ, they move this function to other parts of their body. This not only kills the reliance on the brain, but allows the man to continue killing this organ with beer, fatty foods and a lazy attitude.
"Good thing all this beer, burgers and sitting around all day watching football isn't harming my brain, since brain means blowjob!"
by osibisa November 01, 2007

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