1. An uncommon insult that generally makes others laugh at the person being insulted.
2. Commonly used insult in US Navy bootcamp in Great Lakes, IL. Named after those little friggin Shit Birds that hop around all day, just eating and shitting. Eat, and .... SHIT. Eat and friggin Shit. They never sing, always shitting where you're about to do push-ups and even if you happen to stomp one, they're not big enough to eat. Damn shit birds.
Bootcamp company commander at 4am....

Wake you bunch of fucking shit birds! Get out of them racks. Recruit where are you going?
Recruit responds: to take a piss sir.
CC responds: I bet you'd like to take a big shit in there too and afterwards stroll off for some nice hotcakes and eggs. Well you ain't you fucking shit bird! Now get back in line.
by Colonel Coo August 09, 2006
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A person who puts shit into a bag (human or animal), for the sole purpose of throwing it onto a roof top.
Wow, Mike is king of the shit birds!
by Lordgumby November 20, 2016
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Person who usually looks and smells like a pile of shit. They also have no problem shitting on other people especially co-workers.
Benzoni’s white t shirt is fucking yellow and stinks. He’s definitely the biggest shit bird in the 10th.

Benzoni was hit with a detail but like a total shit bird he cried and got out of it. Now another guy is getting fucked with that detail.
by FormerCarGuy September 29, 2018
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While they are defined by their lack of regard for others, this group overlaps with White Trash. They wake you up with their crappy music and they often have loud voices.

You probably have at least one within a block of where you live or maybe you work with one or more. My condolences.

They have the opposite of King Midas's touch, which turned everything to gold. Everything Shit Birds touch turns to shit. God help you if some sit near you in a restaurant. They will either talk loud to each other or will have cell conversations while you try to have a relaxing dinner.

The worst thing is to have a group of them sit near you in a movie theater. Forget about enjoying the movie unless you either move to faraway seats.
Everyone knows at *least* one shit bird. You can readily make a list of shit birds you know or, at least, hear some from a bit of a distance. It is really too bad.
by Manatee345 January 12, 2008
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n. An undesirable renter, who flies in, shits all over everything, and flies out, leaving the owner and neighbors to clean up their mess.
Those shitbirds have trashed the rental property next door. I hope they move out soon and take their POS trucks and mangy dogs with them.
by superlazy_ February 12, 2010
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White trash, Skeez, deadbeat, and/or an asshole.
Look at that wife-beating, mother-fucking, sloppily-drunken shit bird
by Nick February 08, 2003
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white birds that sit by cows and wait for them to shit then pick through it and eat it
Each cow has their own shit birds.
by herder_is_cool June 28, 2008
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