A guy that only hangs out and isn't cool or trustworthy. His most note-worthy characteristic is that he shamelessly tries to hook up with your ex-girlfriends or your friends' ex-girlfriends while still trying to be a part of the group. It is also likely that he is only part of the group because he wants hook up with the exes. A Shitbird is arrogant, stupid, and difficult to shoo off.
#1: "Oh great here comes Herbert."
#2: "Did you see him talking to Janice? He's such a Shitbird."
#1: "Caw...caw...caw"
by The Whale, man. April 19, 2009
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A Person, Animal or thing. Not aware of there complete uselessness. Usually a complete asshole who Trys to bend rules, typically gets called shit-bird and thinks his pontiac grand am is fast
Total complete shit-bird is here.

Shit-bird needs to move his car.
by chug April 23, 2015
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a completely useless human being who sandbags and talks faster then he can think. He parks like an idiot everyday and is know as that asshole. clueless about himself and life and "razor"
That ShitBird is here again.
by chug April 23, 2015
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someone you know, but do not necessarily like, but cannot seem to get rid of. a "friend" in your group that no one claims to introducing to everyone, an ex-significant other who you still have sexual relations with, or a family member that you feel obligated to invite to get togethers.
friend: "man, who invited Bob to the party?"
other friend: "not me, but someone here had to bring that Shitbird"

dude: "man, it's been a long time since i got any play, im calling what's-her-face"
other dude: "oooooooh, bootycalling the Shitbird!"

uncle: "you know we don't approve of your brother and his 'wife'. why did you bring them to my party?"
nephew: "it's not my fault, he saw me making the beer run, i had no idea i was going to be Shitbirding today!"
by ray bot March 26, 2008
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Any creature whose only purpose seems to be indiscriminately shitting on everything. Just eating and shitting, this creature serves no purpose other than to breed more shitbirds who will eat out your substance and shit on you in thanks.

Unless the shitbird has attained human rights protection - Destroy on sight. As well, build shitbird-proof barriers around yourself and avoid flocks of shitbirds. Good day!
by Yossarian237 February 06, 2014
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anyone who doesn`t agree with your ideas, style, politics, or way of life.
That guy won`t listen to anything I say, what a shitbird.
by frank woods May 26, 2012
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