O’Rourke is the surname of royalty, back in the 12th century there was a king with this name, So if you are an O’Rourke you have royal blood
I heard that he’s an ORourke , so he’s basically royal
by itsmexoxo January 27, 2021
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A sexy beast who gets all the moths and has a massive cock
Silvia ‘Rían O’Rourke is so fit
Jen ‘ Yes he is’
by Facts 11 April 7, 2022
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O’Rourke is a common old Irish surname it is also a name of a old clan The O Ruairc clan which was some part of Irish royalty it had been dated back to a fifth century King
Hello Susan O’Rourke

The O’Rourke known such as the O Ruairc clan was a ancient clan of Irish Royalty.
by The knowledge machine March 24, 2018
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