A guy that only hangs out and isn't cool or trustworthy. His most note-worthy characteristic is that he shamelessly tries to hook up with your ex-girlfriends or your friends' ex-girlfriends while still trying to be a part of the group. It is also likely that he is only part of the group because he wants hook up with the exes. A Shitbird is arrogant, stupid, and difficult to shoo off.
#1: "Oh great here comes Herbert."
#2: "Did you see him talking to Janice? He's such a Shitbird."
#1: "Caw...caw...caw"
by The Whale, man. April 19, 2009
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a completely useless human being who sandbags and talks faster then he can think. He parks like an idiot everyday and is know as that asshole. clueless about himself and life and "razor"
That ShitBird is here again.
by chug April 23, 2015
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An individual who greatly exceeds any know standards of shitbirdness.
Is D.T. fucking off at work or is he just hungover again? That guy is truly Captian Shitbird.
by RRP crew August 13, 2010
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one who eats his own shit
Bob Boule is the dumbest shitbird at this company
by Steve O December 5, 2003
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Moronic person, irrelevant person, person that makes a complete ass of themselves
david macias and joey bearly are fucking shitbirds ..slappy , moron
by Giovanni29935 June 23, 2015
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Someone who screws you over for a cheap fuck
That dirty shitbird left me at the bar for a cheap 10 dollar hooker!!
by Peterbilt1 March 1, 2014
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scatological expression of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor -- The USMC emblem.
If I were you I'd get myself squared away. In other words: get on the ball, shitbird, before you get the hook.
by barber of seville November 27, 2020
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