A guy who likes to read his own name on this website.

Ryan, I'm a Ryan too, you don't need to hear other people say your great and funny.


keep being a Ryan, Ryan,

from Ryan
Being a Ryan is fucking great.

We're so funny.
by RyanTheComic May 4, 2019
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Ryan is Ryan. He always likes to Ryan. Even when he's feeling Ryan, you'll always know he'll feel Ryan eventually. Ryan likes Ryan walks on the Ryan. It's Ryan Time.
Ryan always has been Ryan, and nothing will, or can change that, neodude.

"Hey have you heard about Ryan?"
"Yeah. It's Ryan Time."
by Zeonie June 15, 2020
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awesome guy. ready for fun, but easily pissed. if he is pissed he will forgive easily but has a memory for things like that. has a bad memory and attention span for things that bore him but will work at any challenge he finds fun. good sense of humour, but will make bad jokes for the sake of lightening the mood. a loyal friend, will believe you about something or think you are a good person unless he is proven wrong.
o man there goes Ryan
by Ryze5 October 21, 2014
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The boy who i fell in love with instantly. Heart stealer. He is an amazing person and an even better boyfriend. He is greatly missed when he leaves and will always be loved by a certain girl. He is absolutely gorgeous and his eyes light up when he smiles. He makes everyone laugh and smile even in the worst mood. He makes someone feel like she's the only girl in the world that matters and she misses him more than words can describe. He is the most amazing person in the world <3
Wow he's amazing, he must be a Ryan
by schweet123 March 30, 2011
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A nice guy that wants you to think that he is an asshole
Ryan bought his coworker her favorite candy, even though he tells her he's an asshole.
by kadobbles June 10, 2015
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Ryan is an amazing guy. He is a heart stealer and you will fall in love with him from the moment your eyes hit him. He is the most attractive man and the guy every girl wants. When he finds a girl, he will treat her like a queen and never let her go. A Ryan will only love a certain girl and give his heart away once.
Omg, do you see that guy over there? I think his name is Ryan
by Your love❤ July 23, 2018
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