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If this is your name everyone will think you are saying Brian. Everyone.
Person 1:"Hi what's your name"
Person 2:"Nice to meet you I'm ryan"
Person1:"Nice to meet you too brian
by Koeksisters January 29, 2017
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Generally really motivated, but usually if it only benefits himself. He cares a lot about ones that he loves and keeps his woman inline. Huge heart full of feelings and tend to have a lot of man periods. Love sex. Loves love. Loves food. Very attractive and doesn't even know it. He will try his hardest to impress people. Can also have a hard time accepting others he doesn't know very well or knows too well. When he can trust someone and get comfortable he's not not afraid to show his goofy, boy side, and will tell you all his secrets, insecurities, and anything that is on his mind.
Person 1-Did you hear about Ryan?

Person2- yeah he reminds me of my brother.
by Sleekyogurt May 27, 2014
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The boy who i fell in love with instantly. Heart stealer. He is an amazing person and an even better boyfriend. He is greatly missed when he leaves and will always be loved by a certain girl. He is absolutely gorgeous and his eyes light up when he smiles. He makes everyone laugh and smile even in the worst mood. He makes someone feel like she's the only girl in the world that matters and she misses him more than words can describe. He is the most amazing person in the world <3
Wow he's amazing, he must be a Ryan
by schweet123 March 30, 2011
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Ryan is a guy who is just amazing. He is stubborn, angered easily, cute, kind but also cold hearted. He keeps everything bottled up, but when he explodes don't get in his way. He could win any girls heart over. He usually is not the type for relationships, but when he gives you his heart he gives you everything. You can easily get lost in his eyes.
by ciniful January 24, 2017
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A guy who really cares. He'll take his time to show you, and he won't be upfront about his feelings... At first. When he finally grows a pair and tells you how he feels, he'll mean more to you than anyone else. He's the kind of guy that makes you feel special. He has brown hair and glistening brown eyes. He's tall, lanky, and gives amazing hugs. Ryan is the kind of guy you could spend the rest of your life with and be happy.
When Ryan looks at me, I get butterflies because I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.
by WhoopDEWhoop September 10, 2013
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He is notjust another guy. Ryan is so hot he will make your heart stop beating and it will fall to your feet. He is insanely funny, and whenever he laughs, you want to laugh too. He is fiercly protective of anything he loves, whether it be a person or an object. He will stand up for people, and never backs down from something. His eyes are so amazing, you will never forget them. Once you glance into his gaze, you will see evrything he's been thorugh and how much he cares. Ryan is sensetive, athletic, and competitive. Although he has girls from everywhere waiting for him to just look at them, he does not take advantage of them. He says what he feels, and can be deeply hurt easily. You will fall under his spell in one day, if not, less. Ryan is a great guy, and he will be remembered and loved forever.
GIRL ONE: omg did you see that gorgeous guy! I need to get his number!!
GIRL TWO: You just met Ryan didn't you? Sadly, there is a waiting list for his number. I'm on it and I'm getting pretty close to the front- number 176. But he is such an amazing guy!!
by 01001010010000001001100010011 February 25, 2013
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An Irish name, which means "Little King" in its roots. A person with the name of Ryan is usually a kind-hearted guy that’s funny with a great sense of humor, honorable, respect for all people, especially women. The only time a Ryan does not show respect is if you piss him off, usually by giving him bullshit, doing something to him that is absolutely uncalled for, or asking dumb questions that requires some common sense to answer. Another thing that may piss him off is doubting him because he’ll go to all lengths to prove you wrong and then he will be mad at you. Be warned: Ryans are usually easy to anger and tough to cool down. Ask nicely (but not immediately after pissing him off), he will forgive you, but usually you will have to owe him one. When talking to him, he is respectful, may interrupt here and there, but above all, a great listener that is only matched by the great advice he gives. With his help, he might try to fix it if you are a close friend, but sometimes ends up screwing it over accidentally. Physically, Ryan has dark hair, hot body and dark eyes, but may not be the tallest or shortest in the area. If you are looking to date someone, then go after Ryan because if you don't, someone else will go after him. He will show more love for his gf than for anyone else, but make sure you don't do anything stupid because that may cause a break up. If he asks for your number (especially if you are a hot girl), DO NOT DENY HIM because it means he sees something in you.
Girl 1: I pissed off Ryan today, despite the fact that I like him because of his personality, and his looks are a bonus.
Girl 2: He is very understanding, go talk to him about it. Plus, he might notice you more than others.
Girl 1: Good call, I think he will understand, but I will wait a day or two before talking to him, give him time to cool down.
by Royce McMillan May 05, 2010
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