A Ted Cruz is when you run away to Cancun instead of solving the actual problem.
Damn, she isn't in a good mood today. I think I'll pull a Ted Cruz on her instead of solving the problem.
by Amira :) April 5, 2021
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Some politic person idk, but i do know him by his rightful name... the ZODIAC KILLER! It has been proved, case closed, Ted Cruz IS the Zodiac Killer. He is using his supreme artificial intelligence and strength to fight his nemesis, Sir Donald Trump, in the battle to win the presidential election.

#caseclosed #truezodiackiller #tedcruz2k16
"Who are you voting for"
"Ted Cruz"
"Who's that?"
"Oh, yes you'll know him as the Zodiac Killer"
by MemeOgrelord March 23, 2016
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A self-loathing senator that wasn't even born in America, who killed 37 people in Northern California
Has fat nips
Looks like a dog that was just scolded

Dreams to escape the nightmare which is his life
Is that the zodiac killer?
Yeah, well its Ted Cruz but same thing.
by Ted Cruz Lover 69 November 1, 2017
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The thing you say/call out at a party when you want everybody to leave.
Ted Cruz. Time To leave people. Ted Cruz. Put the drink down.
by John JDJ March 18, 2016
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Also known as "Lyin' Ted", "Ted Scruz", "El Rato Cruz", "Canadian Ted", "Rafael Cruz", "Zodiac Killer", "Booger-Eatin Ted", "cheaTED", "Rat", "Pandering Cruz", "Five-Mistress Ted".
Ted Cruz holds the Bible up high, puts it down, and then he lies!
by TheRealZodiac May 1, 2016
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Code to let people know it's time to leave a room or party.
It's time to Ted Cruz guys, it's getting late and I have work in the morning.
by The Real Agent Smith March 18, 2016
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