A completely useless individual who is unaware of his/her own complete uselessness.
Tell that shitbird I'm out of the office. Until the 12th...of never.
by Marechal March 11, 2003
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A military term used to describe an unsat Marine/Soldier/Airman/Sailor.
That fucking SHITBIRD, Corporal Doe, had his uniform inside out and forgot to shave his goatee he grew during leave for inspection this morning!
by BillR June 9, 2003
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From military slang and jargon. A term used to describe anything that is unacceptable or just downright shitass. Also a term of endearment for friends. See also: shitass

"Tweet tweet. Here comes the bird. The Shit-Bird!"
"Hey, shitbird, can you hand me that church key over there?"

"Shitbird! I can't beleive that I forgot my keys in the car."

"This thing is so shitbird. Who would design something to work like this."
by Phinneus Gage February 8, 2005
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More specific than just an asshole, douchebag, dickhead, etc., a shitbird is someone who is extremely selfish, entitled, and narcissistic, and does ONLY what is most convenient for THEM, with absolutely no regard for how it makes other people's lives worse and fucks up the social order. They believe that ALL rules, laws, and social conventions are inherently oppressive, and rebel against all authority simply for the sake of rebelling against authority, even when said authority is 100% reasonable. The shitbird's life philosophy is "My enjoyment above all", and frequently say "You're not the boss of me/You can't tell me what to do!". They do things like drive recklessly, cut in lines, throw trash wherever they want, and whatever else they feel like, with no guilt whatsoever. They think "freedom" means "complete anarchy". Other words for shitbird are "libertine" and "sociopath". Like pigeons who shit all over a statue, the shitbird just likes to shit all over everything, and leave other, decent people to clean up their messes.
People who didn't follow mask and vaccine mandates during the COVID pandemic, because their own personal comfort took priority over not killing people in their vicinity with a deadly virus, are shitbirds.
by q359 July 24, 2023
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n. An undesirable renter, who flies in, shits all over everything, and flies out, leaving the owner and neighbors to clean up their mess.
Those shitbirds have trashed the rental property next door. I hope they move out soon and take their POS trucks and mangy dogs with them.
by superlazy_ February 12, 2010
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Any creature whose only purpose seems to be indiscriminately shitting on everything. Just eating and shitting, this creature serves no purpose other than to breed more shitbirds who will eat out your substance and shit on you in thanks.

Unless the shitbird has attained human rights protection - Destroy on sight. As well, build shitbird-proof barriers around yourself and avoid flocks of shitbirds. Good day!
by Yossarian237 February 6, 2014
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a rare bread of half bird half shithead.
"Ryan is a shitbird."
by Beanpantsman December 12, 2009
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