Seans may seem shy at first, but they'll turn out to be some of the smartest, nicest, most amazing guys you'll ever meet.

They've got their own problems, but still put their friends first. Maybe the only bad thing about them is that they can be too selfless, letting themselves get walked over.

Do not take these guys for granted.
Person 1 - "Where's Sean?"
Person 2 - "He's helping Sarah's kid finish his school project."
Person 1 - "He trying to get in her pants?"
Person 2 - "No, he's just a genuine Sean."
by A beluga whale March 12, 2013
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Sean is a wonderful, caring guy who will never hesitate to tell you the truth. He cares about you more than anything and if you get lucky enough to get him as a boyfriend he'll protect you. He'll buy you gifts and spend as much time as he possibly can with you. He will love you unconditionally and will give you the best cuddles of your life. He's had it rough but that's what makes him unique. He's rough around the edges but if he trusts you, you're someone special and you'll see the person he is underneath. He's the kind of person who will laugh with you and cry with you. If he sees you in any kind of emotional distress, it will make him sad if he cares for you. He's got the best hair and gives the best hugs. He will make you smile on days you think you will never smile again. He's a fighter and will fight for what he believes in. He is rarely scared of things and will stay loyal to the person he loves most. You won't know you've fallen for him until you already have and that will catch you off guard. He'll be the best friend you ever had and will make your heart soar. If you are lucky enough to have a Sean in your life you better not let him go.
"Who is your best friend?"
"Oh it's Sean"
by yahwak March 18, 2019
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Sean is the most amazing boyfriend alive. He will fulfill your every desire, wish and command. He is extremely loving, sweet, sensible, gentle (but rough when it matters). He is the best baller player, comparable to Pascal Siakam. He is crazy hot, cute, sweet and honestly so drop dead sexy!!!¡¡ Sean loves dogs, food and loves to poop A LOT!!! His rapping skills are undeniably amazing and he is beyond talented in basically EVERYTHING!!!! Most likely to be good at most sports and is SO good with kids!!
If you have a Sean, KEEP him!!!!! He is the most special goodest boy ever!! He will treat you like a queen/princess and shower you with love and affection and care for you like no other. Sean is a BIG keeper and he will never fail to make you smile and feel warm and bubbly all over!
Sean is so fcking sexy!!!

Sean has a HUGE DICK
SEAN is hubby material
by PHOtesfaye January 01, 2019
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Sean(s) are the best people in the world. They are funny but can be a pain sometimes. Sean(s) are the funniest people in the world and as a bonus they usually have a big penis! He is hilarious , tall, and handsome. He is also excellent at a sport or two and loving.
Sean is my best friend and I always look to him when I am having a bad day and need a laugh.
by Chrisean December 02, 2012
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A guy that is amazing, funny, and has a lust for adventure. Oh yep, and his dick is so long it drags on the ground.
Man , that guy is so awesome, I'll bet his name is Sean!
by Superman192837465 March 13, 2015
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Sean is a sexy, loveable guy with a long dick ussually. Most girls would only dream of being or sleeping with a guy like Sean
Sean has a long dick
by LeJames Bron 32 September 30, 2015
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The greatest man ever. Would destroy anybody in a fight also has a massive cock
by Drdrffgshjs October 20, 2018
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