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This is a guy that is one of a kind and that if you have the opportunity, you should snatch him up. He's had a past that is both long and hard but he makes the best out of what he has. He's funny and he speaks his mind. This means he can piss people off easily but he always has them laughing ten seconds later about the same thing. He's loving and affectionate though he tries not to show it. Even though he says being romantic is too much effort, he is a romantic type of guy. He keeps his emotions to himself until you get to really know him, though he doesn't like people really getting to know him. He's not a god send and he's not perfect but he's close in his own way. He's someone that you don't know you've fallen for until you already have. He's one of the best things you'll ever have and keeping him is what you should do if you ever get him.
Sean <3
by tazwoo August 25, 2010
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A sean is strong, courageous, funny, sometimes blue, lovable, strange, smart and crazy

A sean is exciting, riveting, alive, and real, breathe taking, adorable, and sexy through and through, magnetic, devoted, passionate, confidant, and attractive.

A sean can be cocky, arrogant, an ass, mean, vindictive, and evil

A sean is wonderfully strange, exhilarating, fascinating, and true, inspiring, inspirational, a creative muse, heavenly sublime, charming, and handsome

A sean seems to draw people in and keep them there as if they are stuck forever, bound by his emotional glue.

A sean is a gift from god with amazingly breathtakingly deep eyes, a man above all men, best friend you'll ever find, a family man, is loyal to the end, devoted loving husband.
You are the luckiest woman alive to have a sean in your life.

I wish I had a sean as my man.

He is so sean
by AwwStruck February 12, 2010
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A caring, loyal, friendly, and trustworthy person. He love dogs and anyone he cares about. Once you learn to know him he will be your best friend and is easy to make friends with. And once you learn to know him you can open up to him and he will feel the trust and will open up to you. He will really only get mad if you mess with him or his friends. He will always be there for you when you need him. Once he is in your life you will regret it if you lose him.
That is a trustworthy kid(aka a sean)
by Banana4567 May 08, 2017
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Sean is the type of person who is seriously such a dingus sometimes. However, he is the coolest most chill dingus you will ever meet! He's super talented, smart, weird, and amazing! He's insanely adorable and sweet. He knows how to make the best out of situations and that's what makes him so great to be around! If you get a hold of a Sean, you're pretty lucky! Oh and apparently he really knows how to piss people off...
.... oh. Hi Sean.
by homegurlmdawg June 25, 2014
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A nice, funny, polite kid. He's pretty kind, and people like to be around him. A Sean is considerate and friendly. Once you get to know a Sean, you're going to like him! Plus, as an added bonus, Seans tend to have a big penis. A great guy!
Look, there's a Sean! What a great kid! Can we suck his dick?
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used to define huge sarcastic assholes, that end up becoming amazingly sweet. Seans know exactly how to piss you off and then five seconds later have you cracking up. Huge jerks, but gotta love 'em.
Dude, that kid is such a freaking sean.
Don't pull a sean, just be nice.
by funwithamber. April 02, 2008
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Sean is a sexy, loveable guy with a long dick ussually. Most girls would only dream of being or sleeping with a guy like Sean
Sean has a long dick
by LeJames Bron 32 November 16, 2015
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