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Basically the opposite of a boner. It is usually caused by a severely repulsive person or act that makes a male feel as though his penis is going inside of itself in fear and/or disgust.
"JB just deep throated a banana...gave me a raging byers!" or "Gross a muffin top, I just popped a byers!"
by VARoxtar October 21, 2009
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The guy who bangs the hottest girl in school. Often can be found playing hockey or cruising in a subaru.
A: Whose that kid in the subaru
B: Yo thats Byers
A: Isn't he banging ASuth/ (Insert hottest girl at your school)?
B: Yea dude, It's Byers.
by BXXXV February 01, 2009
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A famous and commonly used 'welshism' or welsh slang native to the coutry of Wales. 'Byer' pronounced "bye-uh" meaning 'by here'. Suggesting that the contextual subject of the conversation is within the immediate vicinity of the person who says this word. Usually accompanied by a gesture indicatIng the location of said object. This term is frequently subject to scrutiny by the logical and literate english speaker; hilighting an answer of 'by here' ergo 'near here' as counterproductive and meaningless, therefore a waste of time to a those involved in this question of geography. But to the average Welshman a simplified means of pleasant conversation.
Oi, Dave. Where's my pint?

Byer John
by TheWelshman July 10, 2012
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The guy at your school who is really hot and plays hockey. He has a athletic build and above average cock size.
Do you know by chance who that guy is over there talking to those girls?
Oh that's Byers, he's soooo hot I would do anything to get with him!!
by LivinlyfeindaAK May 17, 2011
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the most badass muthafucka around. has a tendency to fuck shit up and send it. has the ability to not give a flying fuck about those bull shit high school drama fuckers. also blond/famer
person: hey byers
byers: fuck off
by byersbbyers June 08, 2018
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