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1. Scrotation, comes from scrotum & rotation. Refering to a "rotation" while scratching ones nutsack. Example: at a job, (i.e. workshift), also commonly used amongst Vanier Lifeguards when changing guarding positions.
1. Scrotation! ... SCROTATION!!! ... GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!!

2. I scrotated the tires on my Lada yesterday, what a job.
by Big Toker April 14, 2003
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1. To use one's scrotum as a flotation device.
2. To rotate or twist one's scrotum, usually causing injury. Past tense "scrotated".
My plane crashed into the ocean, and I had to perform scrotation.
I accidentally scrotated the other day, and I had to go to the hospital.
by Hnery Derpington III May 24, 2017
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