a word usually added to another word in suffix form, to describe how that person or thing is a significant (and often positive) aspect of the "bigger picture".

Chicago Bulls fans can thank the Jordan-factor for enabling that team to win their NBA titles during the '90s.

The new 300 is one of the fastest production cars on the road these days due to the hemi-factor.
by ColdOne September 13, 2005
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someone thats a real playa, hustla, gansta, it refers to someone crucial to the game and if removed a drought might occur
I wouldnt mess with them, they some factors and have ghetto ties
by Dwight August 4, 2005
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A Factor is a small number that can add up to (or multiply up to) a bigger number!
There are 6 Factors for the big number 40!
by DictionaryWitch March 23, 2017
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the act of !
used in the urban streets to show the act of !
to approach some one with a ! in mind
buying weed with others and stealing it
exerting your will upon others
by S! April 21, 2004
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Another word for breasts; used in circumstances where a male's attraction to a female derives from other factors besides her overall looks, i.e. the size of her titties.
"Why the fuck did you hook up with that ugly ho?!"
"Dude, you should have seen the size of her factors."
by jaw5 November 7, 2005
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In encryption systems, very large prime numbers (200 digits long or more) are used to generate other prime numbers. When trying to decode encrypted data it is necessary to find the two original prime numbers.
I use factoring to generate my private encryption key.
by Daws April 26, 2004
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Give me the estimates factoring in holidays.
by the_biggest_wog_of_all November 23, 2010
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