An artificial testicle designed for your domestic Pet following neutering. The company motto is "Looking and feeling the same."
"I feel so bad about neutering Spot. I think I'll get him a pair of large neuticles."

"Bull-buyers should be very careful when assessing a bull for the presence of neuticles. Cough!"

by J-Man December 12, 2004
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It's a brand name for prosthetic nuts. If a man has cancer and has to get one or both of his testicles removed, a Neuticle is put in it's place. Or if a man would like his balls to be larger, a Neuticle can be put inside the sack.
"They had to lop off one of my nuts b/c they said I had testicular cacer, but they put a Neuticle in it's place,"said Bob.
by Jessica Carlson September 30, 2006
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