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What Ron Artest drinks at Halftime.
"I was down by 20 at the half, so I downed some Hennessy and started punching people in the stands."
by drzimo December 02, 2009

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It's exactly what it sounds like.
That Brazilian fart porn we just watch had it all, Brazilians and farting.
by drzimo December 14, 2009

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1. Something you'd like to receive as a gift.

2. The flute that Captain Picard played first in his imagination and then in real life in the episode "The Inner Light" from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Show me Picard's Flute.
by drzimo March 06, 2010

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The moment when you realize that what you're looking at isn't a vagina, but rather a penis.
I went back to her place, hoping that there was no surprise involved.
by drzimo January 13, 2010

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When a penis accidentally protrudes from the clothing in the view of others.
She had a nipslip, he had a tipslip.
by drzimo December 26, 2009

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Cheating on your hot Swedish wife with media whores.
I got bored with my 27 year old wife, so I started Tigering and ruined my career.
by drzimo December 14, 2009

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When you shave all but two hairs from each of your ballsacks.
OMG, those balls are hairless. Oh wait, I can see some scrotation marks.
by drzimo March 20, 2010

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