to have messed up very badly.
dave got arrested for getting in a fight, he crashed.
by i'm gay. June 10, 2010
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1. to be unfairly deprived of something
2. ripped off
1. My driver's license got crashed because the DMV mixed me up with somebody else who had too many tickets.

2. If you're a tourist, cab drivers will crash you by overcharging you.
by An Pr March 14, 2006
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Yo he said she was fly...turns out she's real crashed so i peeled out with the quickness
by don benichini March 28, 2004
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2. to stay at someone elses house for the night
1. "Dude, i'm going to go crash. See you later"
2. "Is it okay if I crash here?"
by claire March 4, 2003
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'Crash', deriving from the term used in the popular DC Comics cartoon "Young Justice" by the character Bart Allen or "Impulse".

Meaning: Cool or a positive feeling towards something.
Used in a Sentence:
Person1: "So there's a party happening at Brad's house tonight, he said beer is on the house."
Person2: "Dude that's totally crash."
by RandomInternetGuy0515 October 23, 2019
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"those guys crashed the party at my girlfriend's house, but they brought booze and dope so we let them stay."
by kool kat November 9, 2003
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Hangover or other ill physical and psychological after effects as a result of a drug leaving your system and your body craving more. Specifically , this term refers to amphetamines, though it's often used to refer to other drugs as well.
The crash from the speed was so bad I couldn't move from the corner I was crying in for 3 hours, until I found my fifth of jim beam.
by oz July 9, 2003
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