move, move on, get out, party's over, fuck off, go away
"y'all better rotate up on outta my crib"
by Edgar Friendly October 13, 2004
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when someone needs to calm down or cheack themselves.
girl-“bro your so annoying
different girl-“bitch rotate”
girl-“you right
by muahhhhhhhhhh April 2, 2018
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Another word that refers to masturbation.
-Why is he taking so long in the bathroom?
-He's probably trying to rotate.
by Mr. Mongo Gongo December 2, 2011
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The process of rotating your man meat inside any other piece of meat you can find. There are several meanings to this word, rotated, as in gizzed or splooged on. Rotate, process of rotating.
I rotated in your mother last night, along with 1 other cow.
The evul hot dog rotated inside of the clitoris.
by evulhotdog October 28, 2007
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when someone says something and you go for the kill, typically followed up by "ya mutha" can be countered by "ya fatha" but will meet its demise when someone says "ya sistah"
person a "hey guys look at this video i watched"
person b "i watched ya mutha"
"ooooooh, rotated"
by small mini wheat energy February 5, 2021
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someone with strong math skills.
math= rotation of graphs...
deep learning vs crypto is a clear divide of rotators vs wordcels. the former offends theorycel aesthetic sensibilities but empirically works to produce absurd miracles. the latter is an insane series of nerd traps and sky high abstraction ladders yet mostly scams
by frankie116 December 23, 2021
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