one who likes to yell as if they are tough but when someone gets serious back at them they become a pussy.
were you at the party when chris made that bitch ass kid shut up.
by wolf January 12, 2005
1.) n. A useless person, most commonly male, who whines like a bitch every time something doesn't go their way. (Not to be confused with a Bitch who is just a typical female and is therefore entitled to bitch)

2.) A person, who has a negative, often unwarranted opinion about anything or everything presented to them.

3.) A guy who is such a pussy even girls bust his balls (assuming he has any, doubtful.)

Defining features of a bitch ass are feelings of self entitlement, inability to cope with daily life, pathetic attemps to gain others sympathy, constantly dwelling on negative thoughts, and the amazing ability to bring down everyone around them.

"Man, I really hate hanging out with Nikki when her husbands around. He's always such a bitch ass!"

To a male:
"You want to barrow a tampon, bitch ass?"

by edgarreed March 31, 2009
to basically be a pussy, to be a bitch.. umm to bac out on something or not be down(:
mann, your such a bitch ass

quit being a btich ass and fight me!
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 12, 2009
1. One who is an ungrateful, ignorant, moron. See douche bag

2. The youngest of the Three Hanson sisters, Angela.
1. God that Josh kid is a bitch ass.

2. Angela: "You dyke-ass bitch!" Competant Person: "Cry me a river, bitch ass."
by TuckerX April 2, 2007
Someone who is a punk.

A bitch that is an ass.
Boy1: I wasn't even scared.
Boy2: Shut yo bitch ass up!

Man you a bitch ass nigga!
by Benard G. October 23, 2013
a person who hates on you for no apparent reason
Marie: OMG i hate her so much. I cant stand her!

Jen: Why are you being such a bitch ass? You don't even know her.
by Arelis May 1, 2008