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one who likes to yell as if they are tough but when someone gets serious back at them they become a pussy.
were you at the party when chris made that bitch ass kid shut up.
by wolf January 11, 2005
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A useless person, most commonly male, who whines like a bitch every time something doesn't go their way. (Not to be confused with a Bitch who is just a female that acts the same)

2.) A person, who has a negative, often unwarranted opinion about anything or everything presented to them.

3.) A guy who is such a pussy even girls bust his balls (assuming he has any, doubtful.)

Defining features of a bitch ass are feelings of self entitlement, inability to cope with daily life, pathetic attemps to gain others sympathy, constantly dwelling on negative thoughts, and the amazing ability to bring down everyone around them.
by wolf15668 September 01, 2013
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Popular name for the University of Maryland mascot Testudo. Originated from a rumor that rubbing a stature of the mascot would bring good luck. After this ritual brought many students misfortune, the name Bitchass was chosen in reference.
Make sure to avoid bitchass before your exam.
by Robert Sanner December 05, 2004
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No known origin, this word derives from the street slang equivalent for words like 'Coward', 'Scared'and 'Punk'.
Meaning to be afraid, unable to 'step-up'.
Also used in conjunction with the terms 'nigger' or 'nigga', 'trick', 'fool' and 'motherfucker'.
Mark called Duane a bitch-ass motherfucker for backing down from a fight.

When Shirley found out Alana was dating her man behind her back, she stated 'I'm gonna beat that bitch-ass trick for fucking with my man!'
by Ocera December 22, 2004
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a degradation of a persons character; like calling them a pussy
your a bitch-ass muthafucka
by bamf September 13, 2003
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Someone who cannot hold their anger in, or is very crude.
Lesleigh: Hey, how are you?

Bryan: Don't talk to me.

Lesleigh: Fine, bitch ass.
by ScoutyBear November 30, 2011
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