The act of imitating a Hollister lifeguard in places you don't typically find lifeguards on duty. Involves holding your hands up to your eyes like binoculars and having friends take a picture of you.

Dude #1:         Hey, hold my phone for a second.

Dude #2:        Sure!

Dude #1:         I need you to take a pic of me guarding in the school library!
by Sam Diego April 5, 2013
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the part of a sword thats above the hilt and below the blade that prevents other swords fom hitting your fingers.
samurai1:*swings sword down opponents blade.

samurai2:guard automatically blocks* haha
by ykcir00222 November 9, 2009
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The hand a male puts behind his penis when taking a piss so as not to get any urine on ones garments.
I was so drunk last nite I had to use the guard when pissing
by meerkatman January 17, 2012
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A position in BJJ, Judo, or MMA that allows for the guy on the bottom to possibly win the fight via. choke or submission. although BJJ guys will want to kill me for this it is the missionary position!
guy- Hey want to do some BJJ?

girl- Sure get in my guard...
by NDNguitarguy September 2, 2012
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n. An ice-curling term for a granite stone large enough to prevent opposition rocks from hacking into the button. Traditionally a guard is pushed into the house in the later stages of the draw to sweep a tie.

Nice guard placement. I can almost taste the tankard coffee!

Yeah! We will be totally briaring this week-end.
by gnostic1 February 4, 2012
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The bottom position in a Mixed Martial Arts fight or a Jujitsu/Grappling match. The fighter performing the guard position is on their back with the attacking fighter between their legs. From this position, the guard fighter will try to prevent the fighter on top from attacking, tightly locking their legs behind the attacking fighter's back. The fighter performing the guard attempts to neutral the movement of the fighter on top in order to either escape the bottom position or to perform a submission from guard to win the match. A fighter can end up in guard position by either being taken down, being reversed, or purposely pulling their opponent into the guard in order to get the fight to the ground.
At Pride Fighting Championships' Pride Shockwave 2006, Japanese Mixed Martial Artist and Jujitsu Black Belt, Shinya Aoki, submitted Norwegian Mixed Martial Artist Joachim Hansen with a gogoplata choke from his guard.
by Papi Chulo Judan July 31, 2011
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