I accidentally

A phrase to describe when you ruin something beyond repair, or screw up to the point where it is impossible to describe the mistake with a verb.
'I accidentally' the whole green screen!
'I accidentally' my whole ipod!
by TronB September 16, 2010
Me: *types help i accidentally*
Google Recommendations: help i accidentally joined the italian mafia
by what king October 4, 2021
When you say the answer, but try to be quiet or tell it to someone, and they tell others when you didn't want to. So, they may or may not thank you or think you're an idiot
Me using zoom in online math class today at: closed left, x<6
*From "Me" to "Everyone"*
Me: crap, I was supposed to sent it only to Mr. Chan, and I'm pretty sure I accidentally started a revolution just now
*Breaking news : An ugly and stupid internet lurker troll starts a random revolution in online zoom class at 10AM this morning, on May 24th 2021. His last words were a random definition he put on a useless dictionary website, which were "I accidentally started a revolution"*
by ♥🗺☠ May 25, 2021
I Accidentally a Coca-Cola Bottle
What should I do?
I Accidentally a Coca-Cola Bottle
by Wasted Year October 17, 2008
god damit dave i accidentally nuked the house
god damit dave i accidentally nuked the house
by YA YA YA POTATo March 25, 2021