A totally large and nasty dump, usually brought on by a combination of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, Chinese food, and Miller Lite.
Ah fuck, pull over. I have to take a mad screamer.
by JWR III December 05, 2005
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A woman who in the middle of erotic passion cant control here voice

aka: The best damn sex you've ever had.
by Souless December 11, 2008
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1) A person who makes loud noises, particularly during either sex or physical exercise.

2) A flash program with a massive shift in volume. It will usually start up low so you have to put your speakers up, then will emit a loud 'scream' literally out of nowhere.
1) I had to put a pillow on her head to keep her from waking up her parents, she was such a screamer.

2) That flash program which plays the song really low backwards is a screamer.
by The Sub February 18, 2005
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A scary practical joke where the victim watches a video.
They watch THE VIDEO.
So, they are forced to watch the whole video, when suddenly, a loud scream with a scary image pops up on the victim. The victim is now scared.
Jim: i just watched a video. but a screamer popped up! AAAAAAHHHHH!11!11!!SHIFT+1!!!11
by u2dvdbono September 06, 2010
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When a football player scores a great goal such as a shot into the top corner from 30 yards out it can be described as a screamer.
From 30 yards out he takes the shot .Ohhh its a screamer.
Beauty rocket banger
by banterlicious345 May 25, 2016
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One who screams during climax of sexual or anal intercourse.
Teri-Lynn is my favourite, because she's a screamer!
by Sean@BrockU November 09, 2006
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