usually in a hardcore band there is a singer and a screamer, such as underoath. but this rule doesnt apply in the used because bert mcrakin(or however you spell it)he is the screamer and singer.
by a;sdka;rofqya;roya July 11, 2005
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The act of totally scaring the shit out of whom ever it is you're screwing. First, you get a dark room and start going at in near the window. Get on the top position and after a bit, switch to doggystyle but instead of re-inserting, have a buddy come out of the closet and start where you left off. Then quickly run outside and go to the window you were at and wave to the person on bottom. You should recieve a loud scream, hence the name: "screamer"
Dude, Lindsey almost shit a brick when Steve and I did the screamer to her.

I almost went def when we pulled the screamer on her and she broke the window glass yelling.
by Steve20 May 08, 2006
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a screamer is a girl (typically black) that one will encounter screaming their freaking heads off at a fair/ an amusement park on rollercoasters. are often found in areas such as Six Flags, and make up about 80% of the park.
*screamers that can be heard from quite a distance*

jack: woah dude, those screamers are freakin loud! why are there so many of them?!
by jac0330 August 13, 2008
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Inland Northwest/Northern Rockies (most notably Billings, MT) derogatory term for Native Americans. Often thought to derive from their cultural battle cries while playing basketball (see rez ball) but that is merely coincidental, it actually comes from the reaction one has to their emerging from the darkness and knocking on your car window to ask for money while you're going through Hardee's drive-thrus in the middle of the night.
Roll up the window and lock the doors bro, a screamer just popped out of those bushes.
by Briefly March 04, 2011
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two for the poo and one for the goo, two fingers in the ass hole one on the cooter
i gave her a screamer but she loved it and wanted more
by bigdumbanimal July 07, 2004
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