A Christian band that originated in Florida. They have an interesting sound, which can be described as screamo, hardcore, emo, and metalcore. They're earlier CD, 'The Changing of Times', has a more hardcore sound (it consists of about 85% screaming) than their newer CD, 'They're Only Chasing Safety', which is about 50/50 between screaming and singing.
A few of their good songs include 'When the Sun Sleeps', 'Never Meant o Break Your Heart', and 'Reinventing Your Exit'.
by Drew January 11, 2005
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1. A band that owns your face. No, your whole body.
"I love Underoath because they're way amazing."
by lortotheen December 23, 2003
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A band, that despite what idiot who know nothing, have not copied alexisonfire infact Underoath have been around since 1998 and have released 5 albums since:

Acts of Depression
Cries of the Past
The Changing of Times
They're Only Chasing Saftey
and the amazing define the great line

members include:
Aarong Gillespie Vocals (clean)/Drums (only founding member left)
Spencer Chamberlain Vocals(screams)
Tim McTague Guitars
Chris Dudley Keyboard
James Smith Guitars
Grant Brandell Bass

Original vocalist Dallas Taylor left the bend after The Changing of Times and Spencer Chamberlain replaced him for the recording of They're Only Chasing Saftey.

it should be noted that for the new album, define the great line, all songs were writen by Aaron and Spencer. While the influences on the album vary, Bands like Isis and Norma Jean shine.

they're also absofuckinglutley amazing live.
Person 1: hey you like underoah?
Person 2: *has amazing orgasm over the thought of underoath*
Person 1: sweet
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one of teh best bands out there. they originated in florida

other great bands of their genre include:
-Poison The Well
-Alexisonfire(not as much but yeah)
by SHADE May 10, 2004
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A metalcore/post-hardcore band from Florida. Their vocals consist mainly of screaming. They formed in 1998 with a much different line-up than is now in place. They put on an amazing, emotion-driven show and if given the chance to see them, you should. They draw heavily from their Christian beliefs and definitely express these beliefs. But they are not in-your-face Christians. Their lyrics and music truly speak to me and many others who listen to them. The band currently consists of Spencer Chamberlain (screamed vocals), Aaron Gillespie (drums, singing vocals), Timothy McTague (lead guitar, backing vocals), James Smith (rhythm guitar, Christopher Dudley (keyboards), Grant Brandell (bass guitar). The only member who has been in the band since their formation is Aaron. Their newest release of this definitions creation, "Lost In the Sound of Separation" is incredibly heavier and much different from their 2 previous releases. They are truly an epic band.
Person 1: Ever heard of underOATH
Person 2: I don't listen to evil death music.
Person 1: Actually, they're Christian
Person 2: Oh, this song "Reinventing Your Exit" is pretty good.
Person 1: Damn straight.
by Timmy G. August 31, 2008
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UnderOath is the fucking best band that ever was. People classify them as many genres, but to give you a taste of how they sound its like half emo and half screaming(on their newest album). In their older albums, it features about 95% screaming.
I just saw UnderOath at the Warped Tour!
by Aaron V. September 16, 2005
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