Screamer verb: To go into a cave and masterbate and scream as loud as you can when you climax
Trott went into the cave to have a raging screamer
by Ascension April 07, 2015
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What happens the day afte drrinking Gennesee Cream Ale. Diahrrhea.
by know the toe September 19, 2003
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A high school girl that is really hot and virginal. The kind of girl that you wanna make scream as you "break on through to the other side".
Man that chick is a total screamer. I'm gonna try to get her wasted tonight and see how far I can get.
by Squeaker Tweeker August 27, 2012
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Refers to weepers.

Screamers act wild and outrageous when seeing or meeting their favorite celebrity, most weepers and screamers are fangirls.

Screamers will scream, yell and do anything they can to attract attention for at least one glance by their chosen celebrity. Though now mixed, concerts in the past were known to self separate weepers from the screamers, simply because the weepers preferred to quietly cry while listening to their favorite band than scream.

Usually if a preteen girl has a high pitched scream, she'll use it.
screamers: "AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! JOE!!!!!!! NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!! I LOVE YOU!!! MARRY ME!!!!!! EEEEEEK!!!!"
by 1% juice August 14, 2008
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usually in a hardcore band there is a singer and a screamer, such as underoath. but this rule doesnt apply in the used because bert mcrakin(or however you spell it)he is the screamer and singer.
by a;sdka;rofqya;roya July 11, 2005
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The act of totally scaring the shit out of whom ever it is you're screwing. First, you get a dark room and start going at in near the window. Get on the top position and after a bit, switch to doggystyle but instead of re-inserting, have a buddy come out of the closet and start where you left off. Then quickly run outside and go to the window you were at and wave to the person on bottom. You should recieve a loud scream, hence the name: "screamer"
Dude, Lindsey almost shit a brick when Steve and I did the screamer to her.

I almost went def when we pulled the screamer on her and she broke the window glass yelling.
by Steve20 May 08, 2006
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