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Any slang word originating in the United States that has become popular in other countries around the globe.
Bob: That's way cool!
John: I'm sick of all these Americanisms in Australia
by Marty June 17, 2003
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radio: air waves, ether, on air
He switched on his CB rig. "Let's see who's on the breaker tonight."
by Marty July 16, 2004
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Noun. American. 2005.

Synonym for jackass tool dickhead doofus ass clown or any other similar perjorative term meant to indicate an individual, typically male, who lacks intelligence, hipness, or is otherwise notably out of step with immediate social norms.
"Did you see that guy squeel his tires in the parking lot as he peeled out for the JV softball girls? What a total fucking cockaroni, dude."
by Marty March 09, 2005
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An unfortunate public servant who has been asked to do the impossible: serve as chief diplomat for the Bush Administration.
That poor bastard Colin Powell has to fly around apologizing for the arrogant policies of the Bush Administration.
by Marty October 22, 2003
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The first level in the gangster Mafia hierarchy, according to the movie Donnie Brasco. In that movie, Al Pacino explains that there are four levels of Mafia guy: Connected guy, Made Guy (aka Wiseguy), Skipper, and Boss. Connected Guy is a guy who is vouched for by a Made Guy. He is referred to as "a friend of mine" by said Made Guy, but is not yet part of the Mafia yet.
Hey, don't piss off any of Rizzo's friend, he's a connected guy.
by Marty February 14, 2003
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A girl, especially a very good looking one, who is thinks is the center of the universe. Typically containing or possessing the following qualities.
1. A great sense of humor.
2. A smile that melts hearts.
3. Sweet Smelling.
4. A great body.
5. Extreme Intelligence.
Damn, you check out Cookie today? Yo I've been sweatin her since astronomy...by the way...who L?
by Marty November 02, 2003
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One of the oldest non-barbiturate sedative-hypnotic drugs. Also known as "knock out drops".
They gave me some chloral hydrate and the next thing I knew it was lights out!
by Marty January 07, 2005
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