70 definitions by Marty

the quality or property of being ticklish.
Kim had to stop giving Chris a foot rub because of his ticklishness.
by Marty October 23, 2003
Slang for alcoholic beverage, cocktail, beer, etc.
My buddies and I went out last night and had a few pops.
by Marty January 29, 2005
A term for a woman's uterus, which produces "ink", i.e. menstrual fluid.
My pecker reached clear up to her inker.
by Marty January 22, 2003
I am saved through God's Grace, in that He sent Jesus Christ, The One whom was prophecied about, to die for me.
by Marty June 18, 2003
"Fuck your mum", very offensive if misdirected at a Vietnamese speaker, and mildly offensive or even playful among familiars.

Origin: Vietnamese - common usage amongst Caucasians noted in the Springvale area.
"What the hell? Do ma!" - surprise, disdain

"Do ma fuck you!" - affectionate playful jibe

"Do ma mae" - this person seriously has nothing to say, and simply emitted this sequence of sounds out of habit.
by Marty November 26, 2004
Potent opiate narcotic with a narrow therapeutic index (i.e., difference between an effective dose and a lethal dose is small). Side effects include narcosis, respiratory depression.
Heroin is not a suitable substitute for morphine.
by Marty October 22, 2003
Any slang word originating in the United States that has become popular in other countries around the globe.
Bob: That's way cool!
John: I'm sick of all these Americanisms in Australia
by Marty June 18, 2003