1)The video jump-scares popularized by Liquid Generation's "Sabotage" videos years before there was a Youtube.

2)Reaction Videos posted by easily excitable/scared teen LetsPlayers whom sequel like pigs all the way through them.
When the producer of the Creepy Gaming series promised he would not use screamers in his videos, he was assuring his audience that they would be assaulted by neither jumpscares nor the consistent irritating baby noises that were synonymous with Creepypasta Lets Plays or such reaction videos on Youtube.
by ThatEvilRedhead December 15, 2013
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A woman who screams during orgasm.
You gonna do Jenny? Better wear ear plugs 'cause she's a screamer.
by Dave720 May 12, 2016
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A type of sled built for downhilling and for the sport screaming.
I took my screamer to ruby hill to go screaming.
by hawkboy345 December 07, 2010
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A sudden jumpscare that features a loud scream and a scary image. Usually found in youtube videos and flash games. They are ment to prank the person by starting off the video or game really quiet forcing the player to turn up the volume. then a really loud scream plays to startle the player.
Examples of screamers include:
A commericial where a car drives down a road with soothing music playing, then a zombie pops up and screams loudly.
A maze flash game where the player has to move his mouse through a small pathway. Once the player is closed to the end, a scream is played.
Matthew: Oh man, I played the maze game yesterday and was terrified of the screamer.
Adam: Same man. I had nightmares for a week. Screamers suck!
by Iceman356 October 09, 2019
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A trumpet player who plays incredibly loud in the upper register. Usually in the double c range and at double forte to quadruple forte.
Jesus Christ, did you hear that!?!! He played like a triple G! My dog's ears are probably bleeding after that one.

Notable screamers include Maynard Ferguson, Bill Chase, Eric Miyashiro, Wayne Bergeron, Mark Zauss, Arturo Sandoval, and many others.
by trumpetnbass November 30, 2011
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When you eat something spicy the night before, your rectum experiences a burning sensation while crapping...
I ate some HOT buffalo wings last night that were delicious, but I am not sure if they were worth having the screamers at work today.
by i work with fools March 18, 2005
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