1) to admit the fact that one is sexually attracted members of his or her own gender.
2) to exit a small storage space which generally holds clothes and other items.
Ryan came out of the closet wearing his mom's pink dress just as his parents walked through the door. At that point he realized he might as well just come out of the closet.
by Nick D November 17, 2003
admitting to being gay
Logan: Man, Conor needs to come out of the closet already
by LJMarine June 28, 2010
The most terrifying thing a gay person can experience.
Bff: you should be coming out of the closet to your parents by now.

Me: Only gays know how terrifying it is.
The act of a homosexual becoming open about his/her sexuality towards the same gender.
Did you hear? Jeff is coming out of the closet! This means he won't need to hide his feelings towards men anymore.
by Kraldasicko August 17, 2012
The most terrifying thing in human existence! I’m still in the closet and the amount of times I have gone down to tell my parents and I’ve just chickened out
by Iliketrains12542468973743 July 16, 2019