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Preston is a guy with a good personality and eyes that will light up your world. He loves girls that are not so pretty in looks but pretty in personality. His hair is usually blond or brown. His personality is out going he is not like anybody you will ever meet. He treats his girl like she is evrything.
Preston is an amazing person. He makes me feel Like im the only girl that matters in the world.
by Prestonsbabe February 11, 2015
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Preston is the most loyal person you could ever meet.He has dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.He may be cringy over text but when you talk to him you have butterflies in your stomach.You want to kiss him even if he is half way across the world.And when you are sad he knows exactly what to say.He has a wonderful,caring,peaceful,loyal heart.If you fall for him even if you are millions and millions of miles away you still have you your the most romantic way..ever.And when you meet him you will reflect on this and think how true it is..
Patty:I heard Preston is the the only guy how doesn’t play fortnite

Celia:Really?I don’t know any guy who doesn’t play fortnite and is cute and sweet
Patty:To bad he is taken..whoever has him,he or she is the the most luckiest person in the world..
by Frenchieisu December 13, 2018
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The best guy you will ever meet. He has dark brown hair and gorgeous eyes. You can barley stand a day without talking to him. Whenever your sad, he knows how to cheer you up. He gives you the best advice anyone could give you. He never lets you give up or break down. Being with him is the best chance you will ever get in life. Knowing he is there makes your heart beat a little faster and the butterflies stay a little longer. His smile makes your knees go weak. He has a smoking hot body. He has abs of steal. He's the one you want to be rocking on your front pourch with when your old. Holding your hand, and just knowing he is the one..<3
Girl: Oh damn, that boy is FINE

Alexandra: I know! Thats Preston alright.

Girl: You know him?

Alexandra: Yes..He's mine..<3

Girl: Your luck. I wish I had a Preston..
by Alexandra_Rose. August 01, 2011
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The sweetest, most caring guy you'll ever meet. He has the biggest heart and will love you no matter what, when he finds a girl he sticks to her no matter what and will give her all his heart. No matter what he'll always be nice to you and try to make you happy when you're sad.

He gives the best hugs and is always extremely sweet. He's so perfect words can't describe and also extremely attractive. he has brown hair but in the summer its light, and he has the cutest dimple ever.
girl1 is that preston?!
girl2 yea! isn't he soo hot ?!

girl1 yea !!! too bad hes taken :( I wish he was mine
by Ilovepreston November 13, 2013
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An amazing guy who has the best eyes and is a great kisser ;) he doesn't fall in love often but when he does he would do anything for that person. He's a keeper and knows how to cheer people up when their down. Overall a great guy
by Bpfan144 November 21, 2013
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Preston is an amazing guy. Generally, he has longer brown hair and gorgeous eyes. He is a sweet and caring guy, but he tends to be complicated. He never really has his feelings figured out but he wishes he did and he doesn't try to hide it. He's easy to love and as close as it gets to perfection.
Gosh, I wish I could date Preston!
by Bad Princess June 14, 2018
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A boy who usually has blonde hair, and amazing eyes. He is an undiscovered cute boy who is unbelievable in bed.
Girl: He was such a Preston in bed last night! I couldn't walk for days.
by Acer321 May 03, 2009
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